Our mission is to promote a selection of leading international asset management firms to qualified European investors.

Through our network, we enable European investors and non-European quality asset managers to meet and build a close relationship over time. As a Third-Party Marketer ("TPM"), we initiate, build and support this long term relationship.

We are remunerated only by the asset managers and mainly on the basis of the raised assets.


European countries


Years of experience


Investor relations

Since our inception, over EUR 20 billion have been invested through us, across all asset classes and geographical zones.

We operate with asset management firms that wish to expand in continental Europe and offer them, immediate access to a wide network of qualified investors.

Like our investors, we contract with asset managers that meet a certain number of criteria: reputation, investment process, assets under management, performance, commitment for transparency and reporting.

We organize roadshows and events throughout continental Europe. We ensure an efficient and transparent reporting.

As part of your fund selection and external investment capabilities, we connect you with asset managers who meet your criteria.

We manage the relationship with you on a regular basis and respond to your requests in your language.

Our services include:

  • Presentation of investment ideas and quality fund managers
  • Robustness of our partners processes and management teams
  • Tailored operational client service

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