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ESG Reporting – Demand & Challenges

23 February 2021

David Potter, our Head of Business Development, recently spoke to APE + VCJ, outlining how fund managers are addressing ESG issues.

Environmental social and governance (ESG) issues are recognised as increasingly important by private equity fund managers around the world, with European firms leading the way.

In Australia, recent climate change linked events – including last year’s severe bushfires – have increased awareness of ESG issues. In a Q&A session with  Private Equity Media in their Australian Private Equity & Venture Capital Journal (APE + VCJ), David shared his views on

  • Is ESG relevant to private equity and venture capital firms? Isn’t this really more an issue for listed markets investors?
  • Have attitudes towards ESG changed in the Australian private capital industry?
  • Who is driving the increasing focus on ESG?
  • What challenges face private markets investors when quantifying and assessing ESG factors and how can these be addressed?
  • How has COVID-19 affected the focus on ESG?
  • How can managers prepare for greater ESG scrutiny?


Alongside David’s Q&A, the February edition of APE + VCJ also covers investment activity, new funds & fundraising, informal venture capital and investee news.

Download this exclusive complimentary copy of February 2021 APE + VCJ  which reports on $1.34 billion of venture capital investment involving Australian firms and suggests Australian venture firms in sample invested $851 million.


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