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PDI: Future of Private Debt Report

15 November 2022

In the latest November 2022 report published by Private Debt Investor, Keith Miller, Global Head of Product, Private Debt and Agnes Mazurek, Global Head of Innovation, Private Debt at Apex Group, highlight how the infrastructure debt market has evolved over the past decade opening the door to new opportunities for investors.

Some of the key points covered include:

  • How have you seen the infrastructure debt market evolve over the course of the past decade?
  • Infrastructure debt showed impressive resilience during the pandemic; how can investors mitigate future risks in this asset class?
  • What do you think it will take to be successful in the infrastructure debt industry going forward?
  • Infrastructure is an asset class that often benefits from a degree of inflation hedge, but what challenges will the new macroeconomic environment bring?
  • Where do you believe the most interesting opportunities lie for infrastructure debt deployment today?

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