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Podcast: Asia Pacific fundraising trends

11 March 2022

The Asia-Pacific investment market has seen a significant change over the past few years, and not just because of the phenomenal growth achieved by some of the region’s economies and corporations. In a relatively short time frame, the global fund allocations here have risen from about 5% to about 20-25%, with investment flows coming from both within the region itself and internationally, resulting in a new set of dynamics for many LPs and GPs to consider.

In our latest edition of The Single-Source podcast series, a panel of experts share their thoughts on that and some of the key trends that are shaping this important capital raising environment.

They explore the shift among institutional investors from pan-regional investments to more, single country focused investments; the shift from long-only equity, long-only fixed income strategies into more alternative investment strategies, plus the impact of a large young population that is socially and digitally connected, is having impact on investment sectors across the region. Some of the topics covered:

  • Risk management considerations
  • What the right discount rate should be
  • The importance of creating a diversified portfolio
  • The rise of digitalisation
  • The growth of new investments hubs across the region

Liam Woods, Head of Business Development, APAC, Apex Group, is joined in this insightful podcast by Julian Kurz, Managing Director, VCP Apex, and Nicholas Hulme, CEO, Fundrock, Singapore – all of them with significant experience of the APAC investment markets. Tune in now!

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