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Podcast: MIPIM is back! Key takeaways from 2022 edition

31 March 2022

A lot has happened over the past two years, and the Real Estate space is no exception to that.

Over the course of the pandemic Real Estate has witnessed a number of shifting trends, as highlighted at the recent Marché International des Professionnels d'Immobilier conference, where this year’s theme was ‘Green is the New Black’. Among those, a greater focus on ESG strategies, along with a noticeable take-up of technology solutions and the benefits those can bring to decision-making processes.

In our latest Single-Source podcast, host Jean-Daniel Zandona, Managing Director, Apex Group, discusses some of those trends and other highlights from the MIPIM event with Francois De La Villeon, Global Head of Real Estate Funds at Amundi, and Francis Parisis, Managing Director at PwC Luxembourg.

Among the topics covered in their discussions:

  • The increasing momentum among LPs, GPs and developers alike towards achieving zero emissions across their investments, through things like more efficient, sustainable and innovative energy sources
  • The rise of PropTech as asset managers look for better tools to handle, secure and integrate data as part of their decision making and reporting requirements
  • The impact of wider economic factors on the real estate market – the pandemic; rising interest rates; the crisis in Ukraine – mixed in with a profusion of new products and “a lot of money running around”

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