Why measure your carbon footprint?

The constant rise in global temperature may lead to catastrophic climate change. Drastic measures are being taken by Governments, NGOs and industry bodies to set global emissions in line with a 1.5°C pathway, which will lead to significant changes across the global economy and impact financial services businesses and investors.

Our climate and carbon solution looks to assess, measure, benchmark and offset your carbon emissions. We have an online ESG platform with over one million individual emission factors from the latest data sources. Our service is supported with a team of climate change experts.

It’s a simple five-step journey devised by our climate change experts that will provide you with a roadmap to take you on the pathway to net zero.

Identify, measure and analysis of all three categories of emissions that contribute towards a company’s or portfolio’s carbon footprint, as defined by the Greenhouse Gas (“GHG”) Protocol: Scope, 1, 2 and 3 emissions.

The three categories of emissions that contribute towards a company’s carbon footprint, as defined by the GHG Protocol:

We aggregate consumption across different fuel sources, before translating that data into a carbon footprint. These ‘direct’ emissions are from owned or controlled sources, e.g. gas burned on-site for production purposes.

These ‘indirect’ emissions include those caused by the generation of energy purchased by a company, e.g. electricity for air conditioning.

All other emissions that occur due to a company’s activity, but from sources that they do not own or control are included here, e.g. business travel, purchased goods and services, use of sold products, investments.

  • Compare carbon footprints to your industry and regional peers
  • Obtain valuable insights into GHG emission intensities per employee and your annual revenue
  • Accurately compare your footprints to sector averages and make impactful decisions

  • Set carbon reduction targets in line with the IPCC 1.5°C pathway
  • Develop custom targets based on individual goals, timeframes and needs, or on certifiable Science Based Targets
  • Solidify long- and short-term commitments, demonstrate clear ambitions and effective decarbonization initiatives

  • Create tailor-made emissions reduction recommendations as part of a full climate strategy and advisory report
  • Support continuous reduction of carbon footprints across all Scope 1, 2 and 3 emissions
  • Evaluate impact of decarbonization initiatives and identify climate-related risks and opportunities

  • Compensate for any unavoidable residual GHG emissions together with our rigorous, diligent and accredited carbon offsetting partners
  • Choose from a wide array of global and local projects across direct sequestration, avoidance projects, purchase of carbon credits, and more, while our partners can also certify carbon neutrality status

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