Managing tax affairs can be challenging, from staying compliant with global regulations to ensuring your business is in the most efficient position from a shareholder perspective.

We provide a range of tax services which include registering business for tax and managing the ongoing interactions and submission of returns with local tax authorities. We also deal with all aspects of Partnership tax affairs including LLPs, changes to memberships and salaried members.

In addition, we also provide advice, compliance and administrative services in relation to Research and Development credits and  Employee Tax Reporting.

VAT is a complicated and continually-evolving area. VAT/GST is deeply embedded into the day-to-day operations of many businesses, but with constant changes to government policies it comes with an ever-evolving set of complexities that not all businesses have the resources to manage.

Our integrated team of VAT specialists work closely with clients to manage and mitigate risks around any reporting and administrative requirements. We guide our clients through these complexities, ensuring compliance and efficiency through recovery schemes, as well as advise on business transactions, partial exemption methods, group structures, deal costs and place of supply issues.

Services include

  • The submission of registration applications
  • The preparation of, and on-line submission of, monthly/quarterly returns and EC Sales Lists
  • Reviewing contractual VAT clauses
  • Attending VAT inspections
  • Carrying out VAT reviews
  • Negotiating and agreeing partial exemption methods
  • UK VAT reclaims for non-UK businesses
  • Non-UK VAT reclaims for UK businesses

We offer full US tax preparation service and support, including the preparation and filing of IRS Form 1065 with related Schedule K-1s plus and issuance of PFIC statements for US investors in offshore funds.

We fully understand the importance of delivering K-1s. An intimate knowledge of hedge funds, private equity funds and fund of funds structures means that our team can effectively and efficiently work through the fund’s tax issues and deliver results. We work with all clients to personalise the tax services they require.

Services include

  • US and state tax returns
  • Maintenance of tax allocation schedules by investor
  • K-1 preparation and distribution
  • Passive Foreign Investment Company (PFIC) Annual Information Statements and related shareholder allocations
  • Expertise relating to PFICs, Foreign Bank Account Reports (FBAR), Foreign Corporations (Form 5471) and Foreign Partnerships (Form 8865)
  • Foreign Disregarded Entities (Form 8858) and related issues

An intimate knowledge of hedge funds, private equity funds and fund of funds structures means that our teams in Australia can effectively and efficiently work through a fund’s tax issues and deliver results. We work with all clients to tailor the tax services they require.

Services include

  • Maintaining tax cost base for open security transactions
  • Tracking and allocating income and expense by tax characteristic including source of income, capital gains tax method, foreign tax credits and dividend franking credits
  • Calculation of Distributions consistent with fund mandates and Australian Tax requirements
  • Calculation of Withholding tax on distribution for investors where required
  • AIIR Returns
  • Issuance of Tax distribution statements
  • Calculation of RITC for Business Activity Statements
  • Lodgement of quarterly TFN returns
  • Note: All tax records, distribution calculations and tax reporting services are subject to review and/ or submission to ATO by an appointed Tax advisor

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As regulation across the funds industry increases in complexity and tax laws evolve, it is important to get your tax filings right. The IRS requires all LLCs and Partnerships filing a Partnership return in the US, including offshore partnership entities, to appoint a Partnership Representative. If you do not appoint your own representative the IRS will appoint one for you and it must be a person with a substantial presence in the US. The representative must have a US taxpayer ID number, a US telephone number, an address and be able to meet in person with the IRS at a reasonable time and place.

We can take this burden away from you. With presence in major financial centres and cities across the US, we can offer local expertise complemented by the pricing power and economies of scale of a global business.

Services include

  • Preparation of year-end tax estimates and schedules
  • Identification and recording of tax adjustments, including awash sales, straddles and constructive sales
  • Preparation of partner tax allocations Federal Form 1065 filings and K-1S
  • Partner Representative designee services to meet new tax return requirements

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