• Save time, streamline operations, and mitigate risk  
  • Focus on your core strategic activities 
  • Leverage economies of scale and expertise 

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For more than a decade, we have supported asset managers and lenders with diverse credit strategies such as private debt, real estate credit, trade financing, and more. Our extensive expertise allows us to provide you with a complete solution for managing credit strategies, covering regulatory, operational, technological, and banking requirements. We employ a robust, adaptable, and scalable suite of industry-leading technologies for private debt to ensure a seamless data flow through all aspects of your fund. Our global team collaborates with you to meet your needs and deliver quality services in your local area. 

Why partner with us? 

  • Gain peace of mind by partnering with a global provider with 10+ years of experience servicing credit strategies who understands the administrative and operational challenges and how to overcome them. 
  • Save time, streamline operations, and mitigate risk by working with a single provider. 
  • A single point of contact to make sure all your requirements are met and that everything runs smoothly, efficiently, and effectively. 
  • We assume complete operational responsibility to manage outsourced activities so that you can focus on your core strategic activities. 
  • Leverage economies of scale and knowledge developed with our global alternatives client base. 


Services Include

  • Investor onboarding 
  • Receive, reconcile, and process capital activity (capital calls, distributions, subscriptions, and redemptions) 
  • Maintain investor register and contact information 
  • Distribution of investor communication as required 
  • Distribution of annual tax K-1 forms to investors 
  • Provision of tailored investor reporting 
  • Review of fund offering docs and waterfall calculations 
  • Provision of fund and partnership accounting, management, financial reporting, and SPV accounting 
  • Waterfall calculation and carry administration 
  • Audit coordination 

  • Full loan administration with dynamic reporting portal and custom data feeds 
  • Provision of facility agent services 
  • Provision of security agent/ security trustee/ collateral agent services to support bilateral, club, and syndicated loans 
  • Calculation agent services for loan style floating-rate notes 
  • Service of process in support of any of the above-mentioned agency or trustee roles 
  • Provision of daily middle office, full reconciliation, and profit and loss via our platform, Credit Data Lens 
  • Loan closing

  • Supporting account opening via our digital banking platform 
  • Provision of cash management 
  • Provision of foreign exchange services, including cross-border payments 

  • Provision of asset safekeeping, daily cash flow monitoring, and portfolio monitoring 
  • Strict liability for financial instruments and global custody 

  • Provision of portfolio management 
  • Risk management 
  • Supporting fund structuring and provision of legal support 
  • Provision of reporting services 
  • Provision of marketing and distribution services 

  • Foundation and compliance 
  • Assessment and reporting 
  • Strategy and transformation 

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