Fund administration is where our business started and is the cornerstone of our single-source solution offering.

We've grown alongside our clients, perfecting timely, accurate, and independent fund administration services. Today, our fully integrated global solution offers financial information, multi-currency processing, and flexible valuations.  

With our advanced technology and ability to support complex structures, your data is secure and seamlessly transferred throughout the value chain. 

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The onboarding stage is a crucial moment in our partnership. It is critical that we make this experience seamless, and our global onboarding team are dedicated to this mission.  

Right from the start, you will connect with our strong, globally connected onboarding team, who will ensure that you experience the highest levels of service at every stage. 

Consistency is key. You will be assigned an onboarding lead to co-ordinate the process and act as the principle point of contact across all service lines. Our immediate focus is to ensure that you are met with a smooth and structured process and experience. 

Our commitment to you: 

  • We will agree on timelines upfront and manage the onboarding process. 
  • We will arrange regular calls with you and any other key service providers you have. 
  • We will provide our comments and feedback on your fund offering documents. 
  • Where required, we will assist with the opening of fund bank accounts. 
  • Where applicable, we will assist with establishing connectivity for the daily receipt of trade files and broker feeds. 
  • We will commit to and agree on the format and timelines for the delivery of valuation and investor reporting. 

Our aim is to meet you with an experience tailored to your needs. We want you to feel that our fund accounting team is part of your own team, and this partnership is at the heart of our service delivery framework. 

Our fund and portfolio accounting teams are fully equipped to service the entire range of investment fund structures (from vanilla strategies to highly sophisticated and complex investments).  

We are here to handle the operational complexities for you, allowing you to thrive in a dynamic investment landscape with evolving regulations. 

Services include: 

  • Maintaining books and records in accordance with fund governing documents 
  • Collating and documenting all underlying investment information 
  • Preparing financial statements and maintenance of trial balance and supporting documentation in accordance with relevant accounting standards 
  • Preparation of NAV package, including a detailed trial balance adjusted for accruals, balance sheet, and statements of operations 
  • Provision of supporting documentation of all trial balance line items 
  • Tracking and reconciliation of accounts payable and accrued expense 
  • Reconciliation of all fund-specific cash flow activity 
  • Assisting auditors with annual audit 
  • Tracking costs 
  • Calculating and reporting management fees 
  • Maintaining fund waterfalls (calculated carried interest) 
  • Performing subsequent close calculations 
  • Providing Internal Rate of Return calculations 
  • Processing all non-trade related cash movements 
  • Monitoring and processing capital transactions 
  • Entering all portfolio transactions into the accounting system 
  • Monitoring and recording any corporate actions 
  • Reviewing and reconciling broker or custody agent's statements 
  • Independently value the fund’s portfolio using agreed upon pricing policy 
  • Supporting multi-series, equalisation, and partnership accounting 
  • Calculating daily, weekly, and monthly unit prices for investment funds, taking local tax and fee components into consideration 
  • Calculating daily, weekly, monthly, or quarterly net asset value as required 

We have a dedicated team of accounting professionals who can prepare financial statements for your fund’s entities. We prepare the unaudited financial statement in conformity with the relevant accounting standards, such as International Financial Reporting Standards and the United States Generally Accepted Accounting Principles. 

Services include: 

  • Preparation of the draft annual financial statements according to applicable accounting standards. 
  • Preparation of cost-roll or market value roll and other proofs for verification of figures shown in financials. 
  • Preparation of draft notes to financials (including significant accounting policies, amendments of new or recent accounting standards, disclosures, risk calculation, and significant or subsequent events). 
  • Liaison with auditor with regards to supporting documents and audit timelines. 
  • Production of a checklist during the preparation and review of each set of financials - checklists are subject to the relevant account standard. 
  • Provision of full registry services including investor or member fulfilments, portfolio investment entites, or other local tax liability calculations, tax payment, or receipt process. 
  • Provision of annual reporting for the Financial Markets Authority’s statistical KiwiSaver return, Financial Markets Conduct Act reports, member and financial statements, and other required regulatory reporting. 

We provide asset managers with daily reconciled cash and position reporting using a dedicated state-of-the-art cash and position reconciliation software. As part of our daily service, we will automatically upload your trade files into our core administration platform and complete three-way reconciliations between you and the custodian or prime broker. Cash and position reconciliations breaks are reported to you for further action, and you also have the ability to view daily cash and positions from anywhere in the world on our secure 24/7 reporting platform. To complement the daily administration support service, we also offer a daily performance and risk reporting solution through an enhanced reporting support service. 

Service includes: 

  • Daily trade uploads from the client trade files 
  • Daily cash reconciliation performed against the custodian or prime broker 
  • Daily position reconciliation performed against the client and custodian or prime broker files 
  • Daily independent valuation of the fund(s) or entity portfolio using primarily Bloomberg as a data source 
  • Monitor individual equity securities for cash dividends, corporate actions, and capital changes 
  • Detail any breaks in position and cash with client and prime broker 
  • Daily online T+1 cash and portfolio reporting via our online reporting platform 

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