We are proud to be one of the largest providers of financial services but it’s not just about what we do, it’s about how we do it. What really makes us stand out is our ability to deliver the widest range of high quality, innovative and tailored services to our clients, from a single-source.


Don’t just take our word for it though, read what our clients have to say.

Client Testimonials

“As one of the first movers into Digital Assets, it is evident that Apex Group has invested significantly in their people and infrastructure to support such a rapidly evolving asset class. It is invaluable to work with an administrator who understands the space, allowing for the day-to-day operations and decision making to be well-informed, flexible and efficient, while supported by robust controls and procedures. As institutions move into Digital Assets a key objective of GSR Capital is to make the experience as familiar as possible. Apex Group is a reputable and trusted partner with a long-standing history of providing a range of fund solutions globally, while also being well positioned to navigate the considerations and challenges of investing in digital assets.” – Chief Operating Officer, GSR Capital


“We value Apex Group’s experience and ability to meet our funds’ outsourced service requirements through their single-source solution. Our latest fund launch represents a 70% increase in assets under management and so it is important that our service provider can scale with our business. We are now able to access all the fund administration, middle office, business and compliance services we require through one convenient and efficient relationship. We continue to be impressed by the level of client service we receive and the knowledge of the team.” – Partners, Marlin Capital


“We are excited to be working with Apex Group who have impressed us with their ability to provide a single-source solution, meeting all our fund administration and custody needs, delivered via one relationship with an experienced local team. This efficiency and convenience of this model will allow us to focus on managing risks to deliver superior returns to Australian long-term investors.” – Chief Executive Officer, Foord Asset Management 


"We are pleased to be partnering with the Apex team, who share our forward-looking approach and have embraced the service requirements of new products and asset types. Apex’s single-source service model has demonstrated the adaptability and efficiency we require to operate in the world of digital currency markets. By working with Apex, we are able to focus on being the first to provide investors with convenient and familiar investment products which give them exposure to digital assets.” – CEO, 3iQ Digital Asset Management


“Apex has demonstrated exceptional flexibility and speed to adapt to the fast-moving world of crypto assets. As we provide institutional investors with a new way to access the crypto space in a regulated environment, Apex offers additional comfort to our investors as a reputable and trusted partner ensuring our full compliance and maximum operational efficiency.” – Chief Strategy Officer, Blockchain.com


“We appointed Apex due to their ability to deliver a wide range of services and underpinned by a robust and flexible technological infrastructure…We have been impressed by Apex’s international footprint and their ability to deliver solutions spanning the regulatory, operations, banking and technology needs of our funds.” – COO, Compass Group  


“We were impressed by Apex Group’s ability to deliver a complete suite of services which meets our service requirements, enables us to control costs and helps us to achieve operational efficiencies. We now look forward to continuing our partnership with Apex Group as their valuable services and expertise will allow us to focus on identifying attractive investment opportunities and delivering sustainable returns to investors.” – CFO, Victory Hill Capital Advisors


“It is clear that they [Apex] share our commitment to making a social impact and support our vision to fuel economic development in economically challenged communities. We have been particularly impressed by the responsiveness of their client service model and expertise of the team.” – President and CEO, US Gold Opportunity Fund


“The Apex team have made a meaningful contribution to the operations and administration of our activities. [This level of] support continued throughout difficult COVID working conditions.” – Business Manager, Federation Asset Management


“Apex offers local office support, high efficiency in NAV preparation and professional experience in tailoring fund structures towards Asian investors. During the Covid pandemic Apex still managed to maintain their working efficiency and reply to emails/messages promptly, which we appreciate a lot.” – CEO, Regan International Asset Management

“The Apex Group team have demonstrated an ability to deliver their services on a local scale and to provide a tailored approach suitable to the unique requirements of an Australian investment vehicle. We look forward to working together to invest Laguna Bay Fund 2 with the highest levels of governance and operational efficiency." Managing Director, Funds Management, Laguna Bay


“We have been an extremely satisfied client of FTS for over a decade and their acquisition by Apex Group has opened up an expanded range of new services, products and technologies to support our business. Apex’s proven track record in the real estate industry combined with their range of solutions means that they are the perfect partner for Encore’s ongoing operations.” – CFO, Encore Capital Management


“We have been impressed by the Apex’s team’s versatility and value their ability to support our different types of fund structures and investment strategies…As a longstanding Mainstream client, the transition to Apex Group has been seamless, and we now benefit from access to their efficient end-to-end solution including custody services, delivered by an experienced local team.” – Portfolio Manager, Perennial Partners


“Apex’s single-source solution presents a compelling offering – allowing us to efficiently access all the fund and corporate services we require, through one service provider relationship. We have so far been impressed with the high quality of Apex’s services as well as the notable experience and responsiveness of the team.”  - Managing Partner, Starlight Capital


” We are delighted to appoint Apex Group following a competitive tender process, as we believe they are the global player with the deepest understanding of our business and the specific administrative and regulatory needs of secondary fund of funds. Most importantly, the team at Apex Group have reassured us throughout the process." – CEO & Co-Founder, Bee Alternatives


“We were initially cautious about moving our business and it was not a decision we took lightly – but we hugely reassured by the strong references feedback on Apex given by other administrators and GPs in the market. One year on from appointing Apex we can say with absolute certainty that this was the right move. The quality of service, promptness and attention to detail has been outstanding and is something which we value highly.” - Managing Director, DSGCP


“As we were one of the first clients to be transitioned to The Apex Group, we were slightly nervous as to how the transition process would go and what would meet us on the other side. Having fully transitioned we can safely say that the whole process went very smoothly with minimal impact on our side.”- Senior Executive, KKR


“The Apex Group team came highly recommended by their clients for their extensive knowledge and commitment to exceptional client service. With Apex Group’s global reputation and scale, we know we are in good hands. We look forward to a productive partnership which will allow us to focus on the job at hand: engaging with established African enterprises to generate growth and attractive returns for our investors.” - Director & Principal, Pape Fund Managers


“Sadu looked for a capable firm with global presence to rely on and Apex Group was the clear choice. Their single-source solution stood out for us, as it enables us to access all of the services we need across multiple jurisdictions, via one convenient relationship, therefore removing the complexity and inefficiency of multiple service provider relationships. We have been particularly impressed by the knowledge and responsiveness of Apex Group’s experienced local team.” - Sadu Capital

“Apex’s Carbon Footprint Assessment & Reporting services provide an efficient and intuitive method of collecting the necessary information from our business, allowing us to accurately monitor, track and enhance our carbon footprint over time. By engaging Apex to calculate our carbon footprint, we can take steps to reduce and offset our emissions and we hope to set an example to others in the insurance industry that with the right tools, this process can be straightforward and achievable.”  - CEO, BMS


“We have been impressed by their refreshing approach to compliance – seeing it not as a barrier to our growth, but as an enabler and opportunity for our business. We look forward to continuing this strategic partnership with Apex Group and benefiting from their scalable solutions as we continue on our exciting growth trajectory.” – Co-Founder, Thndr


”We are delighted to be partnering with Apex Group and have already been impressed by their responsiveness, flexibility and exceptional ‘on the ground’ local presence and knowledge. In addition to providing a high-quality service, Apex Group have shown their ability to operate as an extension of our own teams, delivering seamless solutions to our business – within tight timeframes. We look forward to continuing to work together.” – Vice President, Genesys


“In a context where most traditional banks in Luxembourg have cold feet to bank private assets funds and corporates, Apex Group proposed a unique digital platform allowing us to get our 32 bank accounts across 14 SPVs onboard in a fully digitized, streamlined manner, in less than three weeks. We were also impressed by their multi-currency cash sweep module to optimize our cash management, automating time deposits across leading counterparties, effortlessly.” - Head of Asset Management, Arab Bank (Switzerland) Ltd.


“In EDB, we have a platform which offers exceptional digital functionality with multi-currency accounts, 24/7 access and immediate withdrawal facilities. In particular, their multi-currency cash sweep module enables us to effortlessly optimize our cash management, automating time deposits across leading counterparties. We have been impressed by the speed and ease of account opening through EDB’s onboarding portal, with the support and advice of their expert team.” - Senior Executive Officer, Aarna Capital

We are delighted to have received a whole range of industry awards and accolades for our products and services.

ACFI 2021 European Awards Services - Best Fund Admin - Innovation

HFM US Services Awards 2021

HFM European Services Awards 2021, Best Administrator - Technology

HFM European Services Awards 2021, Best Administrator - Reporting

Global Custodian, Industry Leader Awards, PE Fund Administration

HFM Asia Services Awards, Best Administrator - Innovation 2020

Global Custodian, Industry Leader Awards, Mutual Fund Administration

AltCredit EU Award, European Services Winner 2020

Global Custodian, Industry Leader Awards, Award for Innovation

Global Custodian, Industry Leader Awards, Hedge Fund Administration

HFM US - Best Administrator - over $300bn Client Service

Private Client, Top Trust Companies 2019

Global Custodian, Private equity Fund Administration Survey 2018. Global Outperformer

MENA FM Awards 2017 Fund Administrator Alternatives

MENA FM Awards 2017 Fund Administrator Mutual Fund

MENA FM Awards 2017 Fund Administrator Overall

Global Custodian, Hedge Fund Administration Survey 2016. Global Outperformer

HFM Asia Services Winner 2016

HFM European Services awards 2022 Best Administrator - ESG

HFM European Services awards 2022 Best Administrator - Client Services

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