Our compliance experts provide comprehensive AML services, outsourced officers, and due diligence reviews to support you coordinate all AML requirements defined by the applicable regulations and evolving market trends. Our solutions aim to be proactive to enable you to stay ahead by understanding and mitigating risks, as well as identifying early opportunities that arise from evolving regulation and new market trends.

We provide AML and CTF services to a range of regulated institutions, fund, SPVs, Designated Non-Financial Body Professionals in line with international standards, local FIU, and National Risk Assessment (‘NRA’) considerations.


  • Outsourced Money Laundering Reporting Officers (MLROs) entities and fund level
  • Outsourced “Responsable du contrôle” officers
  • AML Reviews
  • AML Business Risk Assessment (‘BRA’)
  • AML Management Reports
  • AML Update Services
  • Online AML, CTF, Financial Crime Training
  • AML Assurance through independent audit specialists
  • General due diligence services
  • Investor due diligence
  • Investment due diligence
  • Transaction due diligence services
  • Know your Customer (KYC)
  • Know your Business Partner (KYB)
  • Know your Transaction/Investment (KYT/KYI)
  • Green KYC & Supply Chain Due Diligence
  • UBO due diligence services

Investment, Transaction and Vendor due diligence focuses on highlighting reputational risk associated with potential investments, transactions or vendors associated with individuals that may be subject to sanction, domiciled in high-risk jurisdictions or engaged in high-risk products and transactions. We offer a suite of due diligence services including vendor, investment and transaction due diligence covering various assessments at the entity and related person level:

  • Transaction Due Diligence
  • Investor Due Diligence
  • Investment Due Diligence
  • Vendor/ Business partner Due Diligence
  • Know your Transaction/Investment (KYT/KYI)
  • Green KYC & Supply Chain Due Diligence
  • Full Managed Due Diligence Services

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