NeoXam Investment Management Solution (NeoXam IM) is a front-to-back office solution dedicated to institutional investors and asset managers. the solution is dedicated to portfolio / fund managers, middle and back offices, as well as risk managers and compliance officers.

All instrument classes are covered: equities, fixed income, money market, FX, derivatives, structured products, as well as private assets / non listed instruments.


Order Management

Portfolio Managers make investment decisions and then need to send their orders to brokers for execution.

Their integrated OMS system manages single, block as well as program trades, with routing capabilities to either Execution Systems such as TradingScreen, Bloomberg EMSX, TSOXX, internal or external Dealing Desk services or any other broker platform via FIX protocol.

Partial and total executions inflow messages allow Portfolio Managers to monitor in real time order statuses.

Their OMS capability is fully compliant with regulatory expectations: pre-allocation on block orders and full audit trail features.

Investment Managers can simulate orders and monitor their impacts of positions, risk calculations as well as compliance ratios and limits (pre-trade checks).

Orders can also be triggered via our benchmarking and rebalancing engine.

Trade Management / Settlement Instructions

Settlement Instructions are completed and communicated to custodians and/or fund administrators via SWIFT or SWIFT-like messages or any kind of format (printed or fax tickets, Excel or flat files).

Compliance Engine

Compliance rules can be set-up to be triggered as pre-trade, or post-trade (either pre or post-NAV).

Any kind of rule can be set-up, such as diversification risk (weight on NAV by issuer, group, country, sector, etc.), ownership ratio, counterparty risk, etc.

Depending on every rule’s severity, escalation processes are designed to monitor breaches.

Standard compliance reports are available to follow activity.

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