Apex Connect is a secure, real-time, 24/7 web portal that enables hedge fund managers, investors and other certified third parties easy access to their fund and investment data online. Apex Connect communicates directly with the PFS-PAXUS database to offer a dynamic dashboard, fund data, portfolio analysis, documents, graphs and much more. The portal enhances user experience and improves efficiencies by using next- generation technologies, incorporating feature rich functionality, and advanced reporting capability.

Key Features:

  • Fund Managers have real-time access to a wide range of reports such as portfolio reports, valuation reports and financial reports
  • Tailored dynamic dashboards that provide a visual display of KPI data, including top 10 positions, performance graph, historical tables of investor activity and current AUM
  • The ability to approve NAV calculations and capital transactions online
  • A single point of access to consolidated reporting across multiple Fund investments
  • View all investor accounts, investor holdings, investor transactions market values and all historical transactions
  • Existing investors or their advisors have the ability to place capital transaction orders online directly via Connect, providing investors with a self-service fund order platform
  • Investors can securely upload AML/KYC documents which will trigger an automatic email notification to the Investment Manager, the Investor and Transfer Agent

Key Benefits:

  • 24/7 highly secure access to fund data, with built-in multifactor authentication
  • Dynamic report selection with user defined date /transaction criteria for fund transactions and investment performance reports
  • Secure document repository with the ability for administrator / managers / investors to securely upload and share all documents
  • Simplified onboarding experience for investors with a convenient online subscriptions and redemptions platform
  • Ability to have a customised branded portal solution

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