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Apex Group appointed by NEOR Crypto Volatility Fund

14 February 2022

Apex Group Ltd. (“Apex” or “the Group”), a global financial services provider, today announces its appointment by NEOR Crypto Volatility Fund Ltd (“NEOR”) to provide fund administration and transfer agency services.

NEOR is a long / short quantitative algo crypto vol trading fund with strategies based on artificial intelligence combined with deep-learning models aimed at identifying trading opportunities by digesting real-time data from multiple sources. Eagle Eye Finance Sàrl is the exclusive FINMA-regulated Investment Management arm of NEOR for digital asset markets.

NEOR represents a regulated avenue for investment in this innovative and evolving asset class. Through the launch of NEOR, investors can now engage in the cryptocurrency space within the framework of internationally recognised regulation.

NEOR has appointed Apex in recognition of its robust fund administration and transfer agency services, underpinned by leading technology portals to support the secure transfer of data, across the full value chain. Apex’s services will allow NEOR to efficiently communicate with investors and implement robust investor due diligence processes which are enabled by technology solutions to expedite and simplify daily investment management tasks.

John Bohan, Co-Founder and Country Head Business Development (Ireland), Apex Group comments: “The NEOR fund is part of the ongoing crypto revolution within the funds industry and is adopting an innovative strategy that trades the very volatility that has characterized the sector. Fund administration sits at the heart of our single source solution, and this appointment demonstrates the extent to which our offering has evolved to truly serve all asset classes from the traditional to the most cutting edge.”

Phillip Morelle, Co-Founder of NEOR Crypto Volatility Fund Ltd comments: “We are very pleased to be working with Apex and Eagle Eye Finance Sàrl to bring together the worlds of algorithmically traded cryptocurrencies and institutional ownership. Apex has brought an understanding of the regulatory nuances and compliance requirements, instilling confidence in our stakeholders.“

Rodolphe Chatagny, Founder and CEO, Eagle Eye Finance Sàrl, NEOR Investment Manager comments: “We are pleased to be partnering with Apex, who share our forward-looking approach to fund development and adaptability to new products and asset types. As we provide investors with a way to access the crypto space in a regulated environment, Apex is a reputable and trusted partner to ensure our full regulatory compliance. To date, the Apex team has demonstrated exceptionally high levels of communication and assistance in dealing with both regulatory formation and the client journey, and we look forward to continuing to work together.”

NEOR Crypto Volatility Fund Ltd.

NEOR Crypto Volatility Fund Ltd, registered with the Cayman Islands Monetary Authority combines the expertise of world leading Artificial Intelligence and Deep Learning quantitative experts with international financiers and brings together a proprietary trading strategy that allows for investors to be exposed to the cryptocurrency market, to target above-average returns whilst limiting direct exposure to the volatility risk of the space.


Eagle Eye Finance Sàrl

Eagle Eye Finance Sàrl is a Swiss independent investment manager and individual wealth / asset management company established in 2013. It has a sound and strong expertise in the management of investment funds (hedge funds, systematic funds, private equity funds and crypto funds). It has a strong team of professionals in asset management and trading, risk management and compliance along with reputable partners.


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