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Apex Group Secures Strategic Tokenization Position Through Investment in Tokeny

14 December 2023

Apex Group, a global financial services provider, today announced their investment as the strategic lead investor in Tokeny, the leading enterprise-grade tokenization solutions provider.

This significant move solidifies Apex's dedication to leading the digitization of finance, with tokenization at its core. By leveraging Tokeny’s expertise, Apex is strategically positioned to provide its single-source solution in the tokenization era to lead digital transformation and drive positive change in the financial services space.

Apex Group's extensive global reach and commitment to providing cross-jurisdictional services are central to its business approaches. With over 12,000 employees in 112 offices worldwide, Apex offers a unique single-source solution, delivering a wide array of services to a diverse clientele. This includes asset managers, capital markets, corporates, and family offices.

Tokeny, with its six years of track record in tokenization, brings to the table a complete tokenization rail that covers the entire lifecycle of tokenized securities. Having tokenized €28 billion in assets and being the creator of the ERC3643, a technical market standard for tokenization, Tokeny is at the forefront of market standardization.

The collaboration between Apex and Tokeny is aimed at ushering institutions into the tokenized financial market, which is seen as the future of the capital market. Tokeny acts as an enabler for Apex to allow their clients to tokenize assets on the blockchain, thereby reducing operational costs and increasing revenues by reaching broader investors compliantly and seamlessly. Tokeny's integration into Apex's single-source solution is pivotal in this strategy, positioning Apex as a leading innovator in the tokenized era. This partnership is expected to catalyze the widespread adoption of tokenization.

Peter Hughes. Founder and CEO of Apex Group comments: “We at Apex Group are pleased to embark on this journey with Tokeny. This investment is more than a financial commitment; it represents our belief in the transformative power of tokenization in the financial sector. We are confident that our collaboration with Tokeny, a leader in this revolutionary field, will pave the way for innovative, digitized financial solutions that meet the evolving needs of our clients and the market."

Luc Falempin, CEO of Tokeny added:"The partnership with Apex Group marks a significant milestone for Tokeny. In the last six years, we've meticulously developed a complete suite of solutions and a comprehensive ecosystem to support institutions on their tokenization journey. The market is in dire need of influential institutional players like Apex to drive and expedite the industry's advancement. We're exhilarated to be integrated into Apex's strategic vision, joining forces to turn the blueprint of a digitized financial future into reality."

About Apex Group

Apex Group Ltd., established in Bermuda in 2003, is a global financial services provider. With over 112 offices worldwide and 12,000+ employees in 45 countries, Apex Group delivers an expansive range of services to asset managers, financial institutions, private clients and family offices. The Group has continually improved and evolved its capabilities to offer a single-source solution through establishing the broadest range of services in the industry; including fund raising solutions, fund administration, digital onboarding and bank accounts, depositary, custody, super ManCo, corporate services and a pioneering ESG Ratings and Advisory solution. Apex Group’s purpose is to be more than just a financial services provider and is committed to driving positive change to address three core areas; the Environment and Climate Change, Women’s Empowerment and Economic Independence, Education and Social Mobility.

About Tokeny

Tokeny provides a compliance infrastructure for digital assets. It allows financial actors operating in private markets to compliantly and seamlessly issue, transfer, and manage securities using distributed ledger technology. By applying trust, compliance, and control on a hyper-efficient infrastructure, Tokeny enables market participants to unlock significant advancements in the management and liquidity of financial instruments.

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