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Update to EMT Reporting

30 April 2024

On April 22 2024, FinDataEx, a European body focused on establishing technical templates for the exchange of data between product manufacturers, distributors, and other stakeholders under EU legislation, issued version 4.2 of its European MiFID Template (“EMT”). Version 4.2 introduces seven new fields which focus on transparency on transaction costs and ESG.

New fields

The new optional fields are mainly aimed at improving transparency on ongoing costs for funds investing in underlying funds, as well as direct investments in Real Assets.  

  • Ex-ante costs
    • Open-ended underlying funds
    • Closed-ended underlying funds
    • Real Assets
  • Ex-post costs
    • Open-ended underlying funds
    • Closed-ended underlying funds
    • Real Assets
  • ESG (specifically related to the recent UK Sustainable Disclosure Regime (“SDR”))
    • Whether the financial instrument produces, does not produce, or has the intention to produce client facing disclosures under the SDR.

Date of applicability

Version 4.2 of the EMT can already be used and will be mandatory in the UK market from June 30 2024, while version 4.1 will be retired. For non-UK cases, version 4 will continue to apply.

How can we help you?

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