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Watch On Demand: How will disruptive forces radically transform the industry?

02 August 2022

How will disruptive forces radically transform the industry?
Discover how to future-proof your business to prepare for upcoming trends led by disruptors.

Adapting to drastic and fast-approaching changes is never easy. The financial services sector is experiencing a growing need to digitise as new rivals tackle various sectors of banking and capital markets.

Banks and financial institutions will actively require technological assistance today more than ever, given that 46% of clients predominantly use digital channels for financial needs.

How can companies harness these disruptive forces to engage in the age of digital transformation and thrive?

Here’s what our speakers covered:

  • Adi Ben-Ari, Applied Blockchain explored key disruptive trends, like blockchain, robotics, and AI, that can be transformed into opportunities for the financial service industry
  • Zitah McMillan, Predictive Black delved into how quickly the financial services landscape is evolving, the emerging opportunities and risks, and how to best approach them
  • Ankit Shah, Apex Group brought a wealth of knowledge on the disruption of traditional banking models and looking towards the future of financial services

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