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Our professional pension trustees are here to help you navigate the ever-changing pension landscape. Count on our experienced team, underpinned by market-leading technology, to swiftly and skilfully handle challenges that may arise, while always keeping the best interests of pension scheme members in mind. 

By keeping pace with changes in the pension environment, we can provide you with insight on financial, legislative, regulatory, and investment issues relating to pension schemes. 

Our single-source solution brings together full-service capabilities, enabling you to simplify your operations, control costs, and focus on your key business objectives. 

  • Schemes with final salary and defined contribution benefits 
  • On-going and closed schemes 
  • Schemes with complex regulatory and multidisciplinary issues 
  • Schemes in wind-up or with insolvent employer 

We support a diverse range of clients, from listed and private companies to public sector organisations, statutory bodies, and charities. We work as a chair of trustees, as a sole trustee or as a delegated trustee. We have comprehensive experience in all areas of pension scheme trusteeship, including: 

  • Complex funding negotiations 
  • Scheme governance 
  • Company covenant 
  • Investment strategy for defined benefit and defined contribution schemes 
  • Buy-ins and buyouts 
  • Regulatory actions 
  • Winding up a scheme 
  • Conflicts of interest policies 
  • Utilisation of special purpose vehicles for scheme funding 

Members: our members’ needs are our top priority. We stay in touch with them through regular newsletters and they can contact us and explain any concerns they may have. 

Expertise: we are a reputable, long-standing independent group of trustee and pension professionals providing an extensive depth of experience gained over decades. We have dealt with many complex cases and interesting issues. We are proactive in the resolution of issues and assisting with complex decisions. 

Experience: we guide the trustee board through complex issues and situations involving regulatory and legal matters to ensure timely implementation and manage any conflicts of interest. 

Knowledge: we support lay trustees and help them to understand all financial, legislative and investment issues surrounding pension schemes. 

Building relationships: our team builds long lasting collaborative relationships with your company’s sponsors, trustees, and advisers. We have held the position of trustee for many of our schemes for over 30 years.  

Planning: we engage with your sponsors and trustees to facilitate a scheme’s journey plan to an agreed destination

The breadth of our team and wider group expertise sets us apart from our competitors and allows us to create tailored holistic solutions for our clients and to work efficiently and economically with external advisers. 

The professional experiences of the “lead” trustees include: 

  • Pension trusteeship 
  • Legal 
  • Chair of trustees 
  • Governance 
  • Actuarial 
  • Administration 
  • Investment 
  • Chair of sub-committees 

We act as chair of trustees on over 85% of our joint trustee appointments. 

Strength as a trustee company: our single-source solution provides a unique diversity offering at a trustee level that sets us apart from our competitors. In addition to our pension trusteeship, our wider trustee groups offer a wide range of solutions to a number of pension schemes, such as death benefit trusts, escrows, and corporate structures for asset backed funding arrangements. Our corporate services team have also provided corporate structures to complex regulated arrangements. As pension issues become more complex, we have the expertise in our business to help our clients. 

The team approach: our team have experienced countless diverse situations in tailoring pension scheme trustee offerings on a case-by-case basis. We tap into our knowledge and experiences within the team to find solutions to scheme issues. We look for commonalities across schemes and the industry to find solutions which would work for our schemes. Our team operate as a collective working together which means we can quickly and easily share knowledge.  

Relevant experience: we are well versed in managing the demands of your unique portfolio which may range from everyday scheme issues to complex regulatory cases. We work closely with schemes to move them along their agreed long term objectives towards self-sufficiency or ultimate buyout with an insurance company. 

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