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Apex Unitas - The new flexible fund structuring solution

07 June 2024

Fund managers are increasingly looking for ways to facilitate investments alongside the master fund or, sometimes, as a separate investment. Apex Unitas provides a flexible structure that allows one or many investors, whether from the UK or from other jurisdictions, to invest. Apex Unitas is tax transparent, and there is no VAT charge. It can be established quickly and cheaply, has low ongoing administration costs, and is simple to operate. All the reporting and administration are provided for the life of the investment, and the fund manager remains fully in control.

Apex Unitas has been developed to give flexibility to fund managers and to allow them to deploy their investors’ funds quickly and efficiently. Apex Unitas can be used in a number of scenarios, such as for investors co-investing in a direct investment, as a feeder mechanism for groups of investors, or to facilitate investments by the fund manager’s executives and staff. For example: 

  • Co-Investments: Using a limited partnership or other holding structure can be cumbersome and costly to set up, expensive to run, and comes with a significant administration burden.  Apex Unitas can be used to enable an LP or a group of investors to co-invest alongside the main fund or independently into a company at any investment round.    
  • HNWI feeder: Putting a large number of small investors into a main fund can be administratively difficult, so Apex Unitas can be used to bring these investors together, resulting in only one new LP (an Apex nominee company) in the main fund.  By requiring each HNW investor to advance all of their subscription monies, the manager can also have certainty that the required funds will be available. 
  • Staff deal by deal: The PE or VC executives and their staff often wish to co-invest in portfolio companies.  Apex Unitas can be used to allow executives and/or staff to co-invest on a deal-by-deal basis alongside the main fund or separately.  

Apex Unitas operates an FCA-regulated private company custody service, which is well established with 60+ fund managers and over 40,000 investors and advisers on the platform.  It has facilitated investment into thousands of portfolio companies on behalf of clients and wealth managers.  Apex Unitas undertakes all the fund administration and accounting, including onboarding and AML checks, transaction and cash management.  Full fund and investor reporting that can be made available to investors, advisers, and the fund manager through an Apex client-branded portal.  

If you are looking for a flexible and low-cost fund structuring option to support the master fund, Apex Unitas has the solution.

Apex Unitas Limited is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority FRN 591814.
Any client wishing to enter into a relationship with Apex Unitas should take its own independent legal, regulatory and taxation advice.


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