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Why PE firms should shift outsourcing to a Single-Source Partner

20 May 2022

Our new eBook describes how outsourcing to a single-source partner allows private equity (PE) firms to maximize growth and investor returns, reduce costs, risk, and effectively manage global regulations and data security issues.

With predictions and trends indicating AUM to grow to $11.1trn by 2026, scaling the business to accommodate the pressures on back-end and front-end office operational structures and processes creates additional set of challenges for PE firms.  Partnering with a third-party service provider has been a solution for over three quarters of PE firms looking to alleviate these challenges.  However, with the growth of international and portfolio diversification of investments, yet more firms are now considering external partners. The use of multiple providers with different structures, technology and services as a quick fix to address efficiencies has reduced flexibility, speed to market and decreased accountability.

The constraints for any firm pursuing portfolio diversification and global investment strategies right now and in the future are:

  • Human resource needs
  • Complex regulations
  • Data security
  • Technology management
  • Investor scrutiny
  • Sustainable investment strategies

Learn how these key drivers mean PE firms are turning to a single-source partnership model to support their continued growth and success.

Our single-source model combined with decades of experience servicing the investment management and private equity industries, means that we understand your pain points, the drivers that enhance ROI for investors, the administrative and compliance challenges you face and can provide solutions for all your financial service needs.

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