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Overcoming evolving operational challenges

12 May 2022

In the latest Future of Private Equity report by Private Equity International, Aman Bahel, Global Head of Business Development at Apex Group, David Ries, Head of Private Equity Solutions, Americas at Apex Group, and Kartik Shah, Head of Private Equity Product Europe, at Apex Group, discuss the evolving operational challenges managers face in today’s marketplace and how to overcome them. As strategies and fund structures become more sophisticated, service providers must step up to support managers’ increasingly complex needs.

Some key points covered in the report include:

  • How the traditional focus on private equity managers is changing with respect to value creation strategies
  • How fund structures are changing to manage investor requirements
  • The latest themes around the use of data and technology to support managers
  • How managers are addressing challenges relating to human capital

Developments relating to ESG and how managers are responding to enhanced reporting requirements


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