Our Look-Through-Reporting solution increases visibility of your fund and underlying portfolio company data through tracking information through each stage of the investment chain.

Effective management of data is becoming increasingly important in a data-driven world. It is essential that businesses understand, analyse and leverage underlying data sets to assess impacts, influencers and performance drivers.

Fund of Funds (“FoF”) and their portfolio companies often have a number of service providers servicing different elements of their operations, therefore data is managed and accessed by multiple contact points. Tracking that data and information all the way through the chain can be a highly manual and time consuming process.

3 levels of reporting

Level 1: Reporting the first level of investment (either into a FoF or Single Fund)

Level 2: Reporting the FOF investment into the underlying Funds

Level 3: Reporting of the underlying portfolio companies


  • Regular reporting on key data points of your choice
  • LP Performance reporting
  • Tailored and scalable reporting solutions that can be added to
  • One point of contact to track all data through each entity
  • Option to add ESG monitoring of portfolio companies via Apex ESG Ratings


Reporting expectations for asset managers are ever evolving. Ensure your standards are robust by adding an extra layer of oversight through our Shadow NAV service. We make sure you are providing your investors with the correct data required on a daily basis and further enhance efficiencies through leveraging automation in a process driven environment.

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