Operating a business in multiple countries brings along a multitude of challenges, especially when it comes to navigating intricate tax laws. 

With deep knowledge of local markets and regulations in different jurisdictions, we offer tailored support to help you comply with tax laws across all your operating countries. 


We can offer full United States tax preparation service and support, including the preparation and filing of the Internal Revenue Service Form 1065 with related Schedule K-1s, plus the  issuance of Passive Foreign Investment Company (“PFIC”) statements for United States investors in offshore funds. 

We fully understand the importance of delivering K-1s. An intimate knowledge of hedge funds, private equity funds, and fund-of-funds structures means that our team can effectively and efficiently  address the  fund’s tax issues and deliver results. We work with you to tailor the tax services to your specific requirements. 

Services include: 

  • US and state tax returns 
  • Maintenance of tax allocation schedules by investor 
  • K-1 preparation and distribution 
  • PFIC annual 
  • Information statements and related shareholder allocations 
  • Expert knowledge relating to PFICs, Foreign Bank Account Reports , Foreign Corporations (Form 5471), and Foreign Partnerships (Form 8865) 
  • Foreign Disregarded Entities (Form 8858) and related issues 

We can offer full Australian tax preparation service and support for our clients. Our teams have an intimate knowledge of hedge funds, private equity funds, and fund-of-funds structures and they can effectively and efficiently work through a fund’s tax issues and ensure that your tax obligations are met. 

Services include: 

  • Maintaining tax cost base for open security transactions 
  • Tracking and allocating income and expense by tax characteristic including source of income, capital gains tax method, foreign tax credits, and dividend franking credits 
  • Calculation of distributions consistent with fund mandates and Australian tax requirements 
  • Calculation of withholding tax on distribution for investors where required 
  • Annual Investment Income Report returns 
  • Issuance of tax distribution statements 
  • Calculation of Reduced Input Tax Credit for business activity statements 
  • Lodging quarterly Tax File Number returns 

Note: All tax records, distribution calculations, and tax reporting services are subject to review and / or submission to the Australian Tax Office by an appointed tax advisor. 

For more information, contact your local office: Locations 

For United Kingdom funds, compliance with an increasing number of tax rules, and more demanding and coordinated enforcement by tax authorities continue to be a challenge. As businesses expand operations into new markets, the complexity of managing tax risks and complying with reporting requirements multiplies. We partner with our clients to provide a tailormade service, delivered in a practical and cost-effective manner. Headed and staffed by experienced industry professionals, we have wide-ranging experience, covering the full requirements of all United Kingdom fund tax matters. 

  • Fund tax reporting business tax: compliance and advisory 
  • Corporation Tax Self-Assessment including preparation and filing of tax computations and returns, quarterly NAV taxation reviews, and provision of tax payment information 
  • Fund reporting solutions covering tax reporting regimes so as to obtain beneficial tax treatments for investors 

We deliver full tax preparation services for Luxembourg-based funds, ensuring all tax obligations are met. Our team have an intimate knowledge of regulated and unregulated fund structures. Our experienced professional team will partner with our clients to provide a tailor-made service.   

Services include: 

Preparation and submission of tax returns (Form 200/300 and appendices) for funds subject to income tax including: 

  • Calculation of tax base 
  • Allocation to the partners 
  • VAT registration / deregistration 
  • Preparation of periodic (monthly or quarterly) and annual VAT returns 
  • Review of tax assessments and any other letters from the Luxembourg tax administration 
  • DAC6 assessment and reporting 
  • Preparation and filing of withholding tax return for director’s fees 
  • Country by country notification and reporting 
  • Withholding tax reclaim (Aberdeen) for unduly paid withholding for SICAV and FCP 
  • Regular tax update communications 

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