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Consider the positive effect on your team's productivity with a powerful tool that gathers and conforms data from various sources such as fund accounting, corporate accounting, customer relationship management (“CRM”), and portfolio monitoring / asset management platforms.  

Using its integrated calculation and display tools, we develop dashboards and analytics to give you oversight of your data in curated views for different stakeholders. 


Key features 

Data aggregation and conformation 

Source, aggregate, and conform data from multiple sources, including other third-party service providers, CRM platforms, and front-office tools. 


Investor, fund, and asset level reporting   

Structure data and documents across fund, asset, and investor levels, or combine them into single dashboards or reports. 



Multi-currency support, including currency translation.  


Custom dashboards   

No-code dashboards with wide variety of widgets including charts, tables, maps, and media.  


Document management and attribution   

Integrated document management including custom document profiles. Link documents to funds, assets, and investors.  


Paginated reporting   

Integrated Power BI or SQL Server Reporting Services paginated reporting directly from the data repository or other data sources.  


Permission and access management   

Sophisticated and granular access and permission management to accommodate complex team structures, confidentiality needs, and independence requirements.  


Key benefits  


Rapid access to data   

Provide users with rapid access to respond to investor and internal queries by combining data, documents, dashboards, and search in a single location.  


Single source for operations, finance, investor relations, and investment teams  

Present data and documents for assets, funds or investors on a single page from multiple sources such as fund accounting, portfolio monitoring, and sources.  


Portfolio view with look through  

Aggregate data across strategies to create a portfolio view while developing strategy or asset-specific dashboards with further detail and analytics.  


Investor reporting   

Digital investor report production with interactive dashboards feeding paginated reporting.  


Investor portal  

An integrated investor portal allows for effortless publishing of reports, dashboards, and documents to investors, providing tailored views and dynamic analytics. 



Monitor portfolios, service provider data, and deliverables in a single platform. 


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