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Whether you’re a relationship manager, a banker in a large institution, or an independent financial adviser managing the investment portfolios of private individuals, families, and trusts, we can remove the significant administrative burden associated with investing and empower you to accelerate your success. 

Our wealth administration service holds, administers, and reports on a wide range of local and offshore investments and will give you a consolidated view of investments and the convenience of having them managed in one place. 

With a focus on new user-designed technologies, we are working to create a more integrated, intuitive, and accessible online experience for you and your investors, supported by a responsive team available locally. 

Our service offering includes: 

  • Investment administration and portfolio reporting across more than 22,000 investor portfolios for more than 70 groups of investment professionals 
  • Custodial services for over 2,000 assets 

Investment administration and portfolio reporting

Access a wide range of local and offshore listed investments and managed funds, some of which are only available through an investment platform. The service administers and reports on assets including cash, fixed interest, equities, managed funds, specialty assets, and currencies. 

We carry out client instructions on investors’ portfolios to purchase, sell, transfer, or otherwise dispose of investment assets. This includes collecting and distributing dividends and other distributions produced by investors’ investments. 

We monitor investor portfolios, recording all transactions that take place to provide a consolidated view of investments. We provide a single source of truth when it comes to portfolio reporting. Investors are provided with a comprehensive range of reports, via their financial advisor, including portfolio valuation, portfolio performance (gross and net of tax), portfolio income, cash transactions, asset transactions, pending transactions, and taxation reporting. 

Access tailored management reports via our online system. Reports can be issued to a set schedule (e.g. daily, weekly, or monthly) or run on an exception only basis. 

We significantly reduce the administration time taken to calculate and initiate the sale and purchase of investments across a large group of investors at the same time. 

The electronic trading reduces the time, risk and paperwork required when receiving investment instructions, and streamlines the instructing of brokers and fund managers. 

Investor tax reporting includes Fair Dividend Rate and Comparative Value methods for calculating FIF tax, saving investors’ time and money when it comes to completing tax returns. We are registered as a Portfolio Investor Proxy meaning that PIE tax is calculated and paid by us on behalf of PIE fund managers. 

Advanced functionality automatically generates investor confirmations in response to pre-defined portfolio events, reducing the administration associated with manually generating letters. With flexible delivery mechanisms, confirmations are automatically sent via email and can be generated for one or many investors at a time. 

We provide an adviser portal so clients can monitor and manage all their investors in one place. The online portal offers a holistic view of investment options, supported by real-time information on asset allocations, valuations, transactions, performance history, and much more. The digital portal facilitates advisers’ engagements with their investors to find investment strategies that deliver robust returns, matching their personal preferences for a balanced portfolio. 

We also provide an investor portal to the benefit of the end-investors that delivers an overview of their portfolios, transactions, valuations, and much more. 

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