We provide fund distribution services through our subsidiary FundRock Distribution S.A., authorised by the Luxembourg authority CSSF to act as investment adviser, distributor and third party marketers of shares/units of funds. Under this MiFID license, we are able to act as global fund distributor/sub-distributor of the funds managed by our affiliates. We leverage our free provision of services (passport) through the European Union to offer a long term and stable solution to our clients.

It is our intention over time to create a network of branches (in France, Germany, Ireland, Spain, The Netherlands) to complement our Luxembourg office offering a base for our clients’ sales or relationship management resources to work from, for cross border distribution.

We offer a 3-tiered service, providing a more flexible and economical go to market solution:

We streamline access to fund platforms and help you to meet regulatory requirements and reduce legal fees by:

  • Entering into new and repapering existing legal agreements with key European distribution platforms
  • Coordinating between the platform and investment manager client
  • Handling all data requirements

As part of the FundRock Group, our clients’ additional distribution requirements are directly addressed by our extended Management Company resources (registration, share class, governance, data, etc.).

We currently offer access to the following platforms with established relationship with 20 clients since 2013 under several platforms:

  • UK: Circa 20 platforms for UK domiciled funds and European domiciled funds upon request
  • Nordics: Circa 10 platforms for European domiciled funds
  • DACH region: Circa 8 platforms for European domiciled funds under negotiations
  • Global: Allfunds & MFEX

We provide regulatory oversight to client’s sales and/or relationship management resources which allows non EU27 based managers to market into the EU in a fast and flexible manner without needing to set up a physical presence. We act as the Distributor (or co-distributor) where;

  • We ensure compliance of marketing activities with local regulators
  • We allow deployment of resources close to the end investors without concern for substance
  • We provide the use of FRD office space and branch network which all benefits from freedom of service across the European Union (passport), as well as access to Switzerland

Our CSSF regulated subsidiary provides a robust fund distribution platform through which our clients can establish or maintain their long term relationships with professional European investors with total flexibility (geographically, head count, time to market).

We provide a complete distribution solution for managers with limited European sales presence.

  • Provision of experienced sales teams
  • Coverage of all European markets, or option to just those markets that are not currently covered by the manager
  • Ability to incorporate existing sub-distributor network
  • A strong oversight and governance model

FundRock Distribution works with clients as the European extension of their own sales resources. The FundRock group (ManCo, Distribution) have built a deep understanding and detailed knowledge of our funds, enabling us to cover most of our clients’ needs to safely perform business development activities across the region, while adequately representing their key differentiating characteristics.

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