Fund administration is one of our core services and is powered by our proprietary software and technology platform, Nexus. The solution receives continuous investment, development, and maintenance and has been purposely designed to cater for all the complex needs of fund administration. This includes meeting local legislative and regulatory requirements, tax calculations, and the administration of superannuation schemes. The Nexus platform is the leading technology platform in New Zealand for fund administration services. 

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Our internally developed applications use leading Microsoft software tools. The architecture is highly scalable and leverages the latest technology such as robotic processing and artificial intelligence. By reducing manual intervention through automation, we deliver an efficient and secure service that empowers our clients to stay focused on accelerating their own success. 

With our platforms and portals residing in the Cloud, Microsoft Azure allows for a robust and secure solution with high resilience that scales in line with growth. Our open applications provide and receive data that powers our services to clients, as well as the services our clients deliver directly to their investors. We can seamlessly connect with the global ecosystem including entities such as Bloomberg, Interactive Data, Refinitv, DTCC, SWIFT, Calastone, and Salesforce to name a few. 

Our platforms, APIs and portals are developed and maintained by a team of highly skilled engineers, all practicing latest engineering techniques and agile methodologies, with at least a weekly release cycle, as we continue to improve our offering in close partnership with our clients. 

We make it easy for our clients and their internal and external developers to work with our technology through: 

  • Online step by step guides and Swagger documentation for user and API integration 
  • UAT testing environments for our platforms and our APIs 
  • A team of highly skilled developers to help support initial setup and ongoing maintenance 
  • A dedicated transformation office that ensures a smooth project delivery and handover to the operations and client relationship teams 
  • Regular communication of API and infrastructure updates 
  • User-friendly portals and dashboards providing valuable insights in real-time 


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