• Timely communication of all relevant reports and financial information to the syndicate members 
  • Process rollover and rate resets in accordance with the transaction documents 
  • Manage lender assignments, transfers, drawdowns, and the distribution of interest monies 
  • Support ongoing compliance and legal documentation (waivers and amendments) 

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We have direct experience of the demands and challenges inherent with medium and long-term project financing, both during the build and servicing phase. 

With a dedicated team of experienced, multi-jurisdictional professionals, we use our comprehensive knowledge of the lender community, both banks and debt funds/ private debt perspective – from the Multilateral Agencies and Export Credit Agencies arena and commercial lenders, to support project finance deals.  

We work with multiple players in the project finance market, representing decision makers from governments, sponsors, project developers, local and international investors, all of whom are active participants in the infrastructure space. 

Services include: 

  • Facility agent 
  • Security agent, security trustee, or collateral agent 
  • Inter-creditor agent 
  • Cash management and account bank 
  • Calculation agent 
  • Special Purpose Vehicle management and administration 


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