• Enhanced oversight and controls
  • Improved governance
  • Proactive management of investment managers

Navigating a pension fund’s underlying portfolio data can be a daunting task. The need for reliable and consistent information, along with proper accounting practices, adds to the complexity. That's where our master accounting service shines, providing you with an efficient single accounting platform to manage your pension funds. 

Our clients draw on our decades of experience in managing various structures in both alternative and traditional sectors. Through a single-source solution, we bring together different data sources, allowing for efficient portfolio management, improved operations, and greater transparency.  

  • Fund services 
  • Portfolio and investment services 
  • Compliance support services 
  • Loan administration services 
  • Transaction support 
  • Performance and risk reporting 
  • Entity incorporation and management services 
  • Corporate secretarial and directorships 
  • Investment screening services 
  • ESG services 
  • An independent and single standard of accounting across all assets and portfolios 
  • Independent and consistent asset valuation and corporate actions processing 
  • Independent daily reconciliation of all assets across all portfolios to the portfolio manager 
  • NAVs for each portfolio produced per cycle required (daily, weekly, monthly, etc.) enabling pro-active, near real-time oversight 
  • Single up-to-date and standard source of daily data for portfolio analysis (risk, performance, and attribution) 
  • Single up-to-date and standard source of daily data for portfolio analysis for regulatory and mandate compliance monitoring and breach reporting 
  • Simplified audit and preparation of annual financial statements 

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