Designed specifically for the alternative fund administration industry, PFS-PAXUS delivers one integrated solution with customer web access built into its core. 

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Through its state-of-the art relational database design, it replaces multiple legacy systems and integrates all separate processes including the securities portfolio, allocation system, general ledger, fee calculation, and share registry module into one smooth operation. 

This software enables us to offer you increased efficiency, reduced risk of errors, faster valuation, support for complex funds, and lower overall IT costs. 


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Services include: 

  • Coordination with portfolio companies to gather data 
  • Comprehensive analysis, validation, and verification of collected data against predefined data requirements 
  • Track performance data including financial and operating metrics at the portfolio company level in addition to cash flow data 
  • Detailed investment analytics reporting including performance tracking, attribution analysis, and exposure reporting 
  • Tailored dashboards and reporting based on your requirements 

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