Our digital onboarding solution will give you the ability to onboard investors from any jurisdiction via one secure online platform.

We offer an end-to-end solution for your investors to streamline their investment process from onboarding and KYC to digital subscriptions.

With integrated activity tracking you will have full visibility of where your investors are in the onboarding process to ensure you maintain an efficient fundraise.

Manager Portal

  • Import/ set up clients
  • Create prefilled subscriptions for investor portal
  • Review recommendations
  • Live investor and fund level portfolio data
  • Online activity and transaction trail

Administrator Platform

  • Configure funds online
  • Manage subscriptions, capital calls and distributions
  • Automated reporting (NAV, IRR)
  • Manage investor KYC/B and checks
  • Upload reports, events, and performance data for easy, secure access

Investor Portal

  • Automated KYC/B
  • Instigate investments
  • Accept advised recommendations
  • Digitally sign subscriptions
  • View events and capital calls
  • Review live portfolio data
  • Multi-jurisdictional AML & KYC
  • Digital document upload
  • Secure fund data rooms
  • Digital subscriptions
  • Transparent communication with investors
  • Integrated reporting
  • Improve the investor experience
  • Re-use KYC to reduce the duplication of work
  • Onboard investors more efficiently
  • Automated digital subscription process
  • Track investor onboarding progress

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