• Elevate efficiency 
  • Speed up document execution 
  • Enhance investor satisfaction 

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Discover how Tocan, the digital investor onboarding platform, can streamline your operations by bringing multiple stakeholders together with seamless workflow and activity management.  

Faster lead times for document execution and fund launches, improved workflow, and revenue all contribute to enhancing the overall investor experience. 

Key features 

  • Fund managers can host a white-labelled landing page and data room in their client specific universes 
  • Configurable form generators to create fund manager specific digital subscription and tax forms 
  • Fund administrator’s risk framework pre-loaded with risk ratings assigned in real-time 
  • Real-time politically exposed person, adverse media, and Office of Foreign Assets Control  sanction screening  using third-party feeds (e.g. World-Check) 
  • Auto-form-filling and DocuSign for rapid fund documentation execution 
  • Ability to build dynamic corporate structures with document upload functionality 
  • Investors retain their information, allowing rapid re-use for next fund application 
  • Multi-jurisdictional anti-money laundering and Know Your Client configurable to any jurisdiction while maintaining a consistent experience 

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