Real assets investors and fund managers continue to be challenged by the increasing complexity of their operations. We understand those challenges and focus on delivering  the highest quality service while leveraging  the best technology platforms in the industry.  

Our market-leading solution for managers with a real asset strategy includes specialist real asset teams and a fully integrated technology platform. This platform ensures a  seamless flow of financial data from investment properties to fund administration platform for reporting to fund managers, and it facilitates investor reporting through a cloud-based portal. 

We leverage Yardi’s fully integrated web-based end-to-end platform to deliver mobile access capabilities. This enables  you to  manage operations, execute leasing, run analytics, and provide innovative investor services from anywhere. 

  • Supporting a wide range of properties, including commercial, residential, academic institutions, and warehouses 
  • Providing comprehensive property financial management 
  • Automating rent invoice generation and ageing 
  • Providing advanced budget and forecasting 
  • Managing fixed asset and construction 
  • Procuring to pay functionality 
  • Generating financial and non-financial key performance indicator (“KPI”) reports 
  • Providing dynamic dashboard with full drill-down functionality 
  • Providing property managers with real-time system access to upload property-level  data and enabling fund managers to view KPIs and management dashboards 
  • Ensuring a seamless flow of financial data from Special Purpose Vehicles (“SPV”) or properties to the fund accounting platform without  manual data input 
  • Providing client onboarding and transfer agency services, including regulatory reporting for the Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act and Common Reporting Standard 
  • Calculating capital calls and distributions with automated notice generation for investors 
  • Using fund-level accounting platform to consolidate  financial data from each  SPV or property and generate consolidated fund income statements and balance sheets 
  • The income statement of the consolidated financial statements and Investors capital statements disclose both the operating income and expenses at the property level and fund level 
  • Applying International Financial Reporting Standards, Luxembourg Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (“GAAP”), and US GAAP methods for statutory financial statements 
  • Calculating and administrating waterfall and carry plans 
  • Providing performance reporting (Internal Rate of Return, PICC, Total Value to Paid-in, and Distributed to Paid-in KPIs) 
  • Financial data flows from the fund-level accounting platforms to Investment Café for reporting to Limited Partners 

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