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UK employment law – what’s coming under Labour government

09 July 2024

Rachel Gilbert, Head of Client HR Product and Services

With a Labour government now in power, we should expect to see changes in employment law and legislation. While some amendments will take time to come to fruition, other changes may be passed quickly. The proposed changes will generally increase the rights of employees, and UK employers need to assess the impact and start planning for these changes.

Some of the changes proposed by Labour include:

  • Employment rights from day one: Full employment rights for employees acquired from day one of employment – previously 2 years. This includes protection from unfair dismissal, and the removal of the cap for compensation awards.
  • Tribunal claims: Employees will have 6 months to register a case with a tribunal – previously 3 months.
  • Statutory Sick Pay: Payable from the first day of absence – previously payable from day 4.
  • Right to disconnect: Employees will have the right to ‘switch off’ and not be disturbed outside normal work hours.

We should also expect to see changes to worker status rules, use of zero hours contracts, family-friendly legislation, and flexible working rights. The Equality Act and obligations of employers will also be strengthened.

If you would like more information on all proposed changes, likely timescales, what this means for your business, and how to prepare for these changes, please get in touch.

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