• Instant appointment process, entirely online 
  • Availability of independent and dedicated specialists  
  • Transparent and competitive pricing 
  • Simple online fee calculator provides you with instant quotes 
  • Streamlined service with no due diligence documentation required 
  • Trust secretaries accept service of notices, proceedings, or documents on behalf of overseas clients 

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International companies often enter into legal agreements governed by a law foreign to their home country. Without a registered address to accept ‘service of process’, a registered corporate agent for ‘service of process’ is required. 

Through our market-leading website, Apex Process Agent, we offer a quick, efficient, and secure service to any overseas company, lawyer, bank, or other party requiring a process agent. 

Our local teams of lawyers, company secretaries, and paralegals work with clients and intermediaries across the world to achieve this legal requirement. 

We offer a global service in which our appointment as a process agent covers service for documents relating to contracts, transaction documents, International Swaps and Derivatives Association agreements, and structured finance documentation. We can also receive notices on behalf of overseas companies with or without a locally registered branch. 

Our fees typically are fixed payments and cover the lifetime of the document(s) that we are appointed under. 


Simple online registration and appointment
available 24/7


Appointments are confirmed with a signed
appointment letter within 10 minutes of applying


Obtain, edit and review appointment
documentation online as required


Payment can be made by card or via bank transfer

  • Instant appointment process, entirely online
  • Our independent and dedicated specialists are
    available as required
  • Transparent and competitive pricing
  • Simple online fee calculator provides you with instant quotes
  • Streamlined service with no due diligence
    documentation required
  • Apex Trust Secretaries accept service of notices,
    proceedings or documents on behalf of overseas

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