• Improve client experience 
  • Reduce operational risks  
  • Increase efficiency 

Effective collaboration is key for successful fund management. With a keen focus on modularity and flexibility, Apex Tempo, powered by CAPCADE, gives you the ability to collaborate with multiple stakeholders all in one place.

  • Virtual Data Room (“VDR”)  
    Custom-branded secure VDR allows for secure cloud file storage that is accessible anywhere, anytime with single sign on and two-factor authentication. 

  • In-platform chat 
    Live chat functionality enhances communication with clients by providing an alternative and more direct way to communicate. 

  • Task management 
    Keep track of the directives and track approval streams and status of set tasks between teams. 

  • Document collaboration  
    Integrated MS Office for seamless collaboration and real-time co-authoring.
  • Secure storage for high-volume documents all in one location 
    Documents can now be stored and shared on a secure and intuitive document management and exchange platform with unlimited storage. 

  • Significantly reduce reliance on emails for better task management and risk mitigation 
    Navigate directives and approvals with transparent clarity and enjoy improved security. 

  • Improve transparency over KPIs, upcoming events, and deadlines 
    Access versatile and dynamic digital views of shared calendars, dashboards, and KPIs. 

  • More effective collaboration with multiple stakeholders across various tools 
    Access better stakeholder collaboration tools with real-time responses. 

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