• Multicurrency platform  
  • 40,000 investors on the platform  
  • Used by thousands of international portfolio companies and global private equity funds to raise capital 
  • Servicing high-net-worth individuals, trusts, family offices, and their advisers  
  • Includes custom- branded wealth manager portal  
  • Reporting and administration provided for the lifetime of the investment 

A single platform supports those in the formation phase who would benefit from a feeder to aggregate the commitment and reporting for smaller investors. Additionally, it provides support for those in the investing phase, offering solutions for co-investments alongside the fund, and funds nearing the end of their term by providing continuation solutions. 

  • Open architecture 
  • Investors and investments from many jurisdictions  
  • No VAT  
  • Tax transparent  
  • Fund manager retains control 
  • Quick to establish  
  • Bank account included, does not require separate audit and tax returns  
  • FCA regulated  
  • Award-winning reporting 
  1. GP enters into custody agreement with Apex Unitas 
  2. GP enters into an advisory/ investment management agreement with each investor, which sets out investment parameters 
  3. Investors pay money to Apex Unitas, which performs onboarding procedures 
  4. Each investor has an individual (or multiple) segregated account 
  5. GP directs the acquisition of direct investments or fund investments on behalf of the investor 
  6. Under the GP’s direction, Apex Unitas pays monies for fund or direct investment 
  7. As directed by the GP, Apex Unitas pays the GP’s fees and settles invoices from cash received/ held in the accounts 
  8. Apex Unitas receives share certificates into custody 
  9. Apex Unitas reports on assets to the GP and to the investor and its advisors

Notes: In order for a GP to put this arrangement in place, it would need permission to ‘arrange safeguarding and administration’ and ‘advise/arrange’ (or manage investments on behalf of) individual clients as well as funds. If this is not the case, a third-party umbrella fund manager with appropriate permissions can be used to provide appropriate cover – and we can make introductions. For the avoidance of doubt, the investment platform is not a collective investment scheme. Apex Group has no discretion, and it will only act on instruction from a GP (or, where agreed, an investor). There is no pooling of assets – all are held in separate accounts for the benefit of each investor. 

Apex Unitas is managed by Apex Unitas Limited, an independent custodian, regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (“FCA”). 

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