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Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) metrics are the three central themes for measuring the sustainability and positive impact of an investment or business. While these criteria help to better determine the future performance of companies, a true and accurate assessment has been difficult to access in the private markets.


Yet the demand for better informed change is growing. Pressure from investors, employees and customers alike means that ESG ratings have become critical metrics for success. Regulatory developments, the ability to reduce risk and to produce superior returns requires a pioneering approach to serve the needs of forward thinking private equity funds.


Our ESG Ratings and Advisory service helps investors unlock real value and drive transformational change by offering a high quality, global, independent, end-to-end service for the private markets. By deploying intelligent ESG data and insights we aim to drive capital towards ESG performance while influencing significant behavioral change.

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ESG Health Check

ESG Health Check provides a high quality and efficient route to assess private companies.

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Ratings & Reporting

ESG Rating, Reporting and Benchmarking service provides real time ESG analysis via a secure, intuitive and flexible online platform.

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Invest Check

Assess your sustainability strategy at both manager and product level, track performance and identify key gaps against an ESG data set based on regulatory standards.

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Carbon Footprint Assessment

Our carbon footprint assessment service identifies, quantifies and tracks three categories of emissions that contribute towards a company’s carbon footprint

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Outperformance. Purpose is the path to profit. Responsible business management and risk mitigation leads to a long-term competitive advantage.


Climate change. Every business has a part to play. We need fast, innovative solutions to halt the accelerating damage to our planet.


Regulatory and fiduciary duty. National and supranational governments and unions are regulating across the ESG universe. In tandem, investors are demanding better ESG disclosure. Be proactive and anticipate these changes.


Shift to purpose. Employees increasingly want to work for a company that proves they are purpose-driven with excellent governance. Recruitment, retention and motivation are key.

Independent and rigorous. Data is collected and verified to ensure integrity and accuracy versus internationally respected standards, the UN Sustainable Development Goals, sector peers, and self-improvement over time.

Private market specialists. The sector has unique ESG needs. As experts in this sector, our products are tailored to address such requirements. We aim to consolidate, not complicate the ESG universe.

Online portal. Secure, intuitive, time-efficient and flexible web-based portal to manage all your ESG data and reporting in one place.

Context & scale. The perfect balance of a global client base, served by local teams.

Client-centric. With multiple product options, we can listen, assess and deliver a tailored solution to all client objectives.

End-to-end solution. Our products cover the entire ESG journey. From initial scoping, through intelligent data collection, analysis and reporting, to advisory that drives ESG progress.

Our Mission:
“A world class ESG Ratings and Advisory service that influences significant behavior change, driving capital flow toward ESG performance and better companies.”

Our Purpose:
“To impact business today, for a sustainable tomorrow.”

Product flexibility caters to the objectives of the client

Our unique, secure, intuitive platform ensures time-efficient data collection and delivers intelligent analysis and flexible reporting to our clients.

  • User-friendly online data input, document upload, guidance and support.
  • Live workflow tracker per user.
  • Data processing with accurate and prompt analytics.
  • Benchmarking against international standards, UN SDGs, sector peers and self over time.
  • Tailored reporting for client portfolios and ESG analysis on each company.
  • Ability to drill-down into individual data points.
  • Identify ESG improvement opportunities and track progress along the E-Daption Curve.
  • User friendly, accurate dashboards and reports deliver tailored ESG analysis to our clients.

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