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Achieving consistency of data

23 November 2022

In the latest November 2022 report published by PERE, Karlien De Bruin, Director of ESG Commercial Development and Marie Measures, Chief Digital Innovation Officer highlight trends and around greater uniformity of data – how it is collected, explored and used and will this lead to significant benefits for investors, especially those with ESG targets.

Key points include:

  • How can a business ensure it has the right digital data strategy?
  • Are data demands from investors increasing? How can technology help to ensure
    that managers meet these demands?
  • How is technology enabling investors to carry out their own activities with greater regard for ESG goals?
  • What other challenges exist around the use of technology by investors to analyze ESG metrics and
    deliver on sustainability goals?
  • With data so important to investment strategies today, how can the security of this data be protected?
  • Looking ahead, what are some of the major opportunities presenting themselves in terms of technology use in real estate?

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