Despite the challenging and ever-evolving nature of digital asset funds, alternative funds’ tokenisation has become increasingly popular among alternative asset managers who are looking to increase sales, create more transparent and efficient end-to-end business processes and improve their clients’ journeys. Fund tokenisation and using blockchain as a ledger and operational platform, increases operational efficiency in creating, issuing, and managing assets, resulting in secure, transparent, and accessible markets.

Why Work With Us?

By partnering with us, you gain access to our comprehensive end-to-end platform for servicing digital assets. We provide a single-source solution for all structural and operational administration comprised of an unparalleled range of services, industry leading digital assets technologies and a global team of experts across four dedicated digital asset Centre of Excellence locations. Whether you’re an existing or a new client, we can help you to overcome the challenges of managing digital assets funds. For crypto, digital hedge and digital venture capital funds, our focus on governance, compliance and risk management aims to reduce the burden of counter-party risk mitigation and enable you to focus on growing your businesses.


Services include

  • Digital onboarding and subscription, including automated AML, KYC compliance
  • Banking services and platform partners for FIAT and Digital Asset FX through ApeXchange
  • Tokenisation of the fund shares, embedding corporate, ESG, regulatory, compliance, and jurisdictional attributes of the asset or fund to the token
  • Digital Custodial services through approved partners
  • Valuation as a Service (VaaS) of tokenised funds, enabling real-time pricing of previously illiquid funds
  • API connectivity to Regulated Custodians and Prime Brokers
  • Listing/issuance support through digital asset securities exchanges, including structural corporate services
  • NAV calculation, fund and financial reporting, automated digital transfer agency
  • Full Compliance and regulatory support
  • Online 24/7 web reporting portal for managers and investors
  • SPV, Trustee structuring and governance



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