As Australia’s leading investment administrator for managed account providers, our end-to-end managed account solution combines a robust technology platform, a full suite of corporate, accounting and tax services and online real-time client reporting. We can record and reconcile all your transactions and cash holdings in each managed account, process payments, receive income and maintain the reporting process on your behalf.

We can support all types of managed accounts from Individually Managed Accounts ("IMA") to Separately Managed Accounts ("SMA") and Managed Discretionary Accounts ("MDA").

  • Our clients get access the industry-leading IRESS Portfolio System (IPS), for all-in-one modelling, compliance and reporting which allow to automate market data and pricing from other sources
  • Benefit from economies of scale by outsourcing your trade matching, tax analysis and market-leading client reporting for IMA, SMA or MDA
  • We help you reduce your compliance burden and give you the ability to run compliance checks at any time
  • We help you meet investors demands for transparency by giving them direct view into their accounts. Investors can securely access their portfolio valuations, cash and capital transactions on a 20 minute delay to make informed investment decisions

We offer investors access to a suite of specialist Model Managers and a variety of different investment strategies


  • Access to a wide range of professional managers and asset classes
  • Tax optimisation
  • Personal tailoring with a flexible platform
  • View the investments that make up your Account at any time
  • Portability of underlying investments
  • Institutional infrastructure provided to retail investors

Responsible Entity

The Trust Company (RE Services) Limited, part of the Perpetual Group of companies, is the Responsible Entity for the Scheme. The Responsible Entity is responsible for the operation of the Scheme and ensures it is operated in accordance with relevant laws.

Scheme administrator and custodian

We have been appointed by agreement with the Responsible Entity, via our subsidiary Mainstream Fund Services Pty Ltd, as both the Scheme administrator and custodian of the Scheme.

As custodian for the Scheme, we are responsible for the safekeeping of assets in the portfolios.

As the Scheme administrator, we provide account administration and record keeping for investors in the Scheme. This includes effecting transactions, such as buying and selling securities on your behalf for your chosen Model Portfolio.


Investment Managers

Refer to the Product Disclosure Statement for further information on our professionally managed Model Portfolios.

If you are an investment manager who is interested in being one of our Professional Model Managers, please contact us.


Disclosure documents

Important Disclosure: This information is general in nature and does not consider an individual’s personal financial circumstances. Investors should consult their financial adviser and the relevant SMA product disclosure documents before considering investment in any financial product offered by us.

Following recent amendments to the Corporations Act ; where you have provided us with your email address, we will now send notices of meetings, other meeting-related documents and annual financial reports (each a “Communication”) to you electronically unless you elect to receive these in physical form and notify us of this election.

You have the right to elect whether to receive some or all of these Communications in electronic or physical form and the right to elect not to receive annual financial reports at all. You also have the right to elect to receive a single specified Communication on an ad hoc basis, in an electronic or physical form.

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