Toni de Kooker, Technical Operations Specialist in Guernsey, is quite simply a force for change.  

As the chairwoman of the Guernsey Disability Alliance, Toni is one of the youngest chairpersons in the UK. The Alliance led the charge for anti-discrimination legislation in Guernsey in October 2022, collaborating with over 60 local charities to champion equality and inclusion for those impacted by disability, racial discrimination, and LGBTQ+ rights. 

Toni's dedication to making a difference extends to her involvement with the MS Society, where she serves on the board, her volunteer work with the Guernsey Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (‘’GSPCA’’) and her advisory contributions to various charities in education, special needs (especially autism), and animal rights. 

Working with colleagues from various regions, Toni is actively exploring ways to enhance our outreach efforts in Guernsey and to make practical improvements in office accessibility. 

We a admire all that Toni does to drive positive change!  

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