Payroll services can be time consuming and involve high amounts of administration. Our dedicated team of experts offer tailored payroll solutions to remove all administrative burdens. Regardless of location or currency, we will ensure that employees are paid on time and accurately.

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Services include 

  • Registration with HMRC to establish a Pay As You Earn (“PAYE") scheme, and setting up employee information on our systems 
  • Provision of easy payroll data submitted by email or via a secure portal 
  • Rapid and timely payroll turnaround 
  • Access to a secure portal to access payslips (current and historical) and P60s 
  • Completion of end of year reconciliation and returns to government authorities 
  • Provision of direct deposits to employees’ bank accounts 
  • Payments to third parties e.g. pension, childcare, PAYE 
  • Prompt answers to queries from employer/ outside agencies 
  • Provision of reports, payment listings, and financial summaries 
  • Payment of partner drawings 
  • Up-to-date legislative advice and guidance on processes 
  • Full administration of auto enrolment 
  • Secure and easy payroll data exchange 
  • Access to a secure portal for payslips (current and historic) and relevant tax documents 
  • Reporting for pension administration with full administration of auto-enrolment 
  • Global payroll co-ordination 

Our HR and payroll services provide flexible and adaptable solutions designed to ensure your team remain compliant with legislation. We also effectively manage your time and money so you can focus on what you do best. 

Our newly introduced single point of contact (“SPOC”) service alleviates the time-consuming burden of communicating across several time zones and eliminates the risk of miscommunication or re-explaining your company’s requirements to multiple team members. This service can be tailored to fit your needs in an effective, proficient, and dependable manner. 

A payroll SPOC manages global payroll processing and communicates with all relevant jurisdictions to generate timely reports and instruct and manage payment distribution with your chosen in-country providers. 

Our SPOC team members work with you for rapid, accurate, and timely payroll processing and provide prompt answers to your, or to local providers queries on your behalf. We ensure your employees are paid correctly and on time according to the agreed schedule. 


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