Why measure your carbon footprint?

The constant rise in global temperature may lead to catastrophic climate change. Bold measures are being taken by governments, NGOs and industry bodies to reduce global emissions in line with a 1.5°C pathway.

These ambitious measures will lead to significant changes across the global economy and impact financial services, businesses, and investors.

Our end-to-end climate and carbon support includes services, advisory and digital platform, provided by expert consultants in private market and strategic advisory.

It’s a simple five-step journey devised by our climate change experts that will provide you with a roadmap to take you on the pathway to net zero.

Step 1
Measuring carbon footprint & assessing risks - understand the environmental impact, carbon emissions and risks linked to climate change

Step 2
Setting targets and creating a roadmap - determine a sustainability strategy and roadmap for change through target setting

Step 3
Reducing emissions to the minimum - increase efficiencies, invest in innovation and focus on decarbonising the supply chain

Step 4
Getting buy-in from management - finance climate action through the support of senior management

Step 5
Annual measuring and reporting - share progress regularly and be accountable

How We Can Help

  • Carbon Assessment
  • Decarbonization Pathways
  • Climate Risk Assessments
  • Industry Alignment
  • Advisory Insights Workshops & Strategies

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