For those managers who have less influence over their assets, are under significant time constraints, or are just starting out on their ESG journey, our Apex ESG Health Check provides a high quality and efficient route to assess private companies.

The dataset is focused on 30-40 of the most important ESG data points tied to leading ESG standards and regulations, ensuring rigor and relevance. By streamlining the ESG dataset, it means our clients can get important and accurate ESG information on a company in just a few steps with guaranteed time savings.

All clients have access to the Apex ESG portal and the benefits of our expert services in project management, independent data verification and high impact reporting across both individual companies and portfolios in aggregate. Each ESG Health Check report enables our clients to understand relative ESG strengths and areas to improve, with the optional addition of expert recommendations via our Gap Analysis service.


For venture capital or credit managers with less influence over companies or for those seeking an efficient ESG solution, the easy-to-use Apex ESG Health Check provides:
  • Quantitative overview of ESG performance at company and portfolio levels
  • Easy-to-answer dataset with customer support
  • Quick and time-efficient data upload
  • Alignment with key ESG standards and regulations

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