Our ESG offering is an integral part of our single-source solution model. We introduced our ESG Ratings and Advisory services to satisfy the urgent market need for a high quality, global, end-to-end independent ESG service for non-listed companies. Quality ESG data capture, analysis and reporting is now critical for ensuring risk mitigation and sustainable returns for investors. The ESG sector is exploding in the face of stakeholder pressure, anticipated regulation and a growing sense of obligation towards people and planet.

We provide clients with tailored ESG analysis across their entire portfolio. We manage the independent collection of data for our clients from their underlying portfolio investments to deliver real-time ESG analysis via a secure, intuitive and flexible online platform. Our offering has led the way in pioneering ESG solutions for our clients as the first fund services provider to launch an ESG offering back in 2019.

Our solution closes a gap for a previously underserved market of private companies by delivering a high quality, global, independent ESG reporting tool based on data insights. We cover the entire ESG journey from initial scoping, through independent intelligent data collection, analysis and reporting, plus advisory services that drive positive ESG progress along its “E-Daption Curve”. 

Our ESG Rating, Reporting and Benchmarking service provides real time ESG analysis via a secure, intuitive and flexible online platform.

  • Live workflow tracker per user
  • 300 Data points Benchmarking against peers and global standards
  • Tailored ESG reporting for client portfolios and ESG analysis on each company
  • Highlighting key gaps
  • Consolidated view of relevant ESG information
  • Track ESG performance over time
  • Ability to smoothly transfer our ESG data seamlessly into SFDR disclosure templates

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