Over recent years, ESG data collection and reporting have become increasingly popular in the private markets. The evolution of this trend is for ESG performance comparison metrics against a peer group.

We have been collecting, verifying and examining private market ESG data since 2019. This places us in a unique position to offer the market’s first private market verified ESG database for benchmarking performance: ESG DaaS Platform.

Our DaaS solution consists of four elements and is available exclusively to our ESG clients.

Our Four ESG DaaS Solutions:

  • Anonymized private market dataset, spanning the globe, that has been independently verified by our experts
  • Receive insights regarding relative performance on individual ESG metrics per sector

  • Apex ESG advisory services, with expert recommendations tailored to individual companies, will bring the added value of comparisons versus sector peers via our verified benchmarking
  • Identify areas of under-performance to address and areas of over-performance to promote

  • Aggregated and anonymized research on the state of play and progress with verified ESG data in the private markets
  • From the ground up, drive market understanding and positive change, with insights to global best practice

  • Clients that use Apex for reporting ESG and financial data will have first access to forthcoming analysis on verified relationships between ESG and financial performance

Why Work With Us?

  • World’s first: pioneering verified private market ESG benchmarking
  • Data verification: every key data point has been reviewed and approved through our rigorous quality assurance program that requires the original source material
  • Significant data pool: four years verifying and analysing ESG data across 1,500+ private market investments
  • Expansion: more granular benchmarking across sub-industry, geography and size to come
  • Qualitative and quantitative benchmarking: beyond just numbers, benchmarking of policies and practices

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