Increased global awareness of climate change and social issues have led to a widespread desire by asset managers to understand the impact of their investments and positively influence these issues.

We offer the most comprehensive impact solutions in private markets – enabling investors and managers to establish meaningful impact strategies and demonstrate measurable positive outcomes with integrity.


The Challenge of Impact Investing

Regulators demands and investor expectations remain key challenges for the impact investing industry:

  • Fundraising with integrity
  • Defining and implementing robust impact strategies
  • Fulfilling evolving and divergent demands of regulators
  • Meeting investors expectations for reporting and proof of impact

Our Solution

Our impact solutions bring together a multi-award-winning online platform and a team of dedicated ESG, Sustainability and Impact advisors to support fund managers at every stage of the impact lifecycle. We provide flexible, efficient services ranging from fund structuring, impact measurement and improvement, to exit due diligence.

  • Impact Strategy and Compliance - our team of impact and regulatory advisors work with fund managers to design impact strategies that achieve real outcomes including identifying impact KPIs and objectives. We offer implementation support to embed impact throughout the investment lifecycle and draft all regulatory documentation needed to comply in each jurisdiction.

  • Impact Screening and Due Diligence - our services range from light touch platform-hosted assessments to deep, technical assessments conducted by our team of advisors to assess the expected impact performance of companies and create an impact monitoring plan. Boost your confidence in decision-making with a third-party assessment rooted in industry best practice.

  • Impact Assessment - our online platform can be tailored to collect and measure impact KPIs from underlying companies aligned to your impact strategy, industry standards and regulatory requirements. Data is independently verified by our team of analysts to ensure integrity and accuracy.

  • Impact Reporting - our team of advisors can create tailored reports to provide deeper analysis including impact improvement pathways and forward-looking opportunities. Our team are on hand to help fund managers structure and publicly communicate their impact story with integrity.

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