Increased global awareness of the impact of climate change and social issues have led to a widespread desire by asset managers and investors to positively influence environmental and social issues. Impact investing can also result in access to new streams of capital. We support ambitious companies and investors by providing the most comprehensive impact investment solution for the private markets – enabling you to stand out from the crowd by demonstrating meaningful, measurable positive outcomes with integrity.

  • Investments made with the active intention to generate maximum positive social and environmental impact alongside financial return according to the Global Impact Investing Network
  • Impact investing goes further than ESG investing, which tends to focus on the impact of environmental, social and governance factors on an investment’s financial performance

The Challenge of Impact Investing

Rigorous measurement and interpretation of impact performance remain key challenges for the impact investing industry:

  • Impact is multi-dimensional and complex, requiring a range of qualitative and quantitative data to assess comprehensively
  • Each company needs a tailored approach, with impact performance data collected customized to its activity and unique context
  • Widely-recognized impact frameworks and targets, such as the UN Sustainable Development Goals (“SDGs”) have been designed for states rather than companies, creating challenges for investors to demonstrate positive impact on the ground

We support you, the investor, and your underlying companies to identify material impacts, select tailored Key Performance Indicators (“KPIs”), and assess impact performance. This will help you increase, accelerate and communicate positive impact.

We do this through a 5-step process:

  1. Conduct tailored and comprehensive ‘do no significant harm’ assessment and exclusion screening to ensure any impact does not compromise other considerations
  2. Substantial contribution assessment and impact KPI identification to track meaningful, measurable impact data. Aligned with leading frameworks and methodologies, including the Impact Management Project, SDGs, IRIS+, and regulations such as the EU Taxonomy
  3. Regular data collection with ease and simplicity via our proprietary Apex ESG online platform. Qualitative and quantitative data tailored to the company to put impact performance into context
  4. Independent data verification by our expert ESG analysts to ensure impact integrity
  5. In-depth impact reporting of verified KPIs aligned to best-in-class standards and regulations, that can be integrated within ESG and financial reporting for all investor and regulator requests

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