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Be bold, Women in Compliance

31 March 2023

In honor of International Women’s Day, our experts share their experiences of being Bold Women in Compliance and what their career journey has been to date.

Emily Quirk – Quietly being heard

I am inspired by sisters Margot & Alexia de Broglie, Founders of the platform Your Juno.

My career journey within Apex Group: As an AML Officer I provide support to a portfolio of 3 clients and in my role, I have to attend regularly client board meetings to deliver compliance reports. These meetings involve a variety of individuals who sit across multiple jurisdictions. The main constant that I’ve observed during these meetings has been the level of respect offered to me in my capacity as a Compliance Officer.

My personal development: As a sometimes reserved and quiet person, I was cautious that I may not be heard during these calls. I very soon discovered that I do not need to be loud to be heard, and that has been a very powerful realization for me. I found strength in my ability and what I thought was a learning area turned out to become a real strength as my confidence developed. Through my determination and watching how others in my team carry themselves, I gained invaluable experience and knowledge.  

My advice to other Bold Women in Compliance: If you are considering a career in Compliance, go for it. Be bold, be brave! The industry is changing and we are seeing more females assume leadership roles. Within Apex Group, the Global Compliance team is led by Hari Bhambra, who has vast experience in the financial services industry. She truly is an inspiration and is unapologetically taking a stand in the global leadership space. Take advantage of programs that focus on encouraging progression for women in business. If you need to do a little research or have your HR assist, do it! These initiatives are revolutionary and, to me, means that the women in industry continue to be valued. 

Aneeqa Zamal – Leadership and diversity

I am inspired by Rokeya Khanum, Founder, Director and Designer at Khanum’s.  

My career journey within Apex Group: I joined Apex Group’s Global Compliance Solutions team as an AVP. Prior to this I was working for the regulator amongst some world class woman in compliance.

My personal development: One of the major changes I noticed during my change to Apex was that I no longer had the “shield” of being from the regulator when interacting within the industry. As a result, I had to learn to be more assertive and trust my own decisions. I have been lucky enough to be surrounded by strong female leadership, especially within Global Compliance Solutions where we have a very diverse team. They really helped me along this journey.

My advice to other Bold Women: While it can be daunting to climb the corporate world, don’t second guess yourself or your intuition. Do not allow others to influence your opinions. You cannot let the fear of the unknown stop you from having the career you deserve! The only thing stopping you from achieving your dreams is self-doubt – don’t let fear hold you back!

Jude Hilton – Career and motherhood

I am inspired by Jacinda Ardern, Prime Minister of New Zealand.

My career journey within Apex Group: I started working in Compliance in 2006 in the Channel Islands and worked my to MLRO over the years, undertaking further qualifications along the way. When I fell pregnant with my first child, I had no concerns about continuing my career trajectory while managing motherhood.

However, in 2015 when my son was 11 months old, we decided to move to Hong Kong for my husband’s new job and I resigned from my role to support the move. It was 8 months before I settled my family in and re-entered the workforce part-time, gradually having to work my way up again. Soon I was pregnant with my second child, who was born in 2017.

My personal development: When I returned to work after my second baby, I was asked if I was interested in applying for the APAC Regional Head of Compliance role following a company restructure. Initially I thought this would be too much, but my Managing Director and the Group Head of Compliance believed I could balance my career with my family obligations. This support gave me the courage to accept the role. My self-belief and hard work paid off and I was promoted to Director the following year.

My advice to other Bold Women: I would give three main pieces of advice to anyone considering starting a family:

  • There is no good or bad time to start a family. If you are seriously considering having children, do not put it off for your career.
  • If possible, adjust or manage your hours to handle your workload and childcare.
  • Put your family first.You are irreplaceable at home.



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