Explore a full range of advisory and investment consultancy services with our dedicated team. We cover strategic asset allocation, portfolio construction, manager selection, investment and operational due diligence, ongoing portfolio monitoring, in addition to tailored consulting advice and analytics. 

Our team has expertise in all asset classes and has a long track record of providing specialist services in alternatives, including private markets (specifically infrastructure), real estate, private credit, and private equity. 

Institutional clients, including public and corporate pension funds, private wealth managers, family offices, sovereign wealth funds, and charities, benefit from our investment advisory and consultancy services. 

Our teams are tailored to meet your unique asset class needs and strategic goals, whether working on a retainer or project basis.  

What we do

Perform analysis on the strength of a fund's offering and relative performance. 

Due diligence is a vital component of any investment decision-making. We provide in-depth research and due diligence on fund investments and have a long track record of conducting due diligence on complex alternative funds, including hedge funds, structured credit vehicles, as well as other private market funds and co-investments. 

Our approach focuses on the fund's investment positioning and how it differs relative to its peers, the track record of the fund and its team, the experience of its key investment professionals, the strength of the investment process, including the approach to ESG, and risk management.  We have developed and refined a proprietary methodology over the years. 

Whether you are an institutional investor looking for third-party assessment to facilitate investment decision-making or an asset manager requiring an independent review of their fund, we can tailor our approach to your needs. 

Our investment due diligence service can be delivered as an integrated solution alongside our proprietary operational due diligence methodology. Whether delivered in isolation or with these other services, you can achieve a new level of insight into the quality of the funds we assess. 

Find the right investment managers using our tailored, independent manager selection services. 

Asset management has become increasingly complex and global in nature. Identifying talented managers who consistently outperform has become  more challenging, requiring specialist skills. 

Moreover, there is no "one size fits all" approach; each client is different and as such, each manager selection exercise is unique and reflects different requirements, priorities, and goals. 

Our selection process is designed to be free of bias and tailored, focusing entirely on your specific requirements and following a rigorous and proven framework that includes qualitative and quantitative assessment factors. 

We have extensive experience with procurement departments, public tender processes such as the Official Journal of the European Union, formal selection exercises, and we can assist you with the design and implementation of manager selection exercises. Where required, we also monitor the ongoing performance of the managers selected. We can assist from initial scoping to beauty parades and manager interviews. 

You can get better results and benefit from: 

  1. A rigorous and structured process that identifies the best managers for the mandate 
  2. Competitive fees (we can assist in negotiations) 
  3. Comprehensive monitoring designed to meet your needs 

You can benefit from simple and flexible portfolio performance and risk monitoring services, based on the provision of an independent and objective investment reporting framework. 

These services entail portfolio performance, risk, liquidity, and fee analysis , while using industry-leading fintech to provide efficient and ‘fit-for-purpose’ analysis with high quality, custom-made reports, tailored to your  requirements. 

Our monitoring can be tailored to any periodicity and  asset class. In addition, reporting can be tailored to compare performance and risk against a wide range of benchmarks. 

Ascertain the strength of the operational framework underpinning the execution of a fund’s strategy. 

Alongside the inevitable investment risk, operational risk can have a significant impact on the overall risk profile of any fund investment. Our comprehensive operational due diligence assessment service helps to address operational risk concerns associated with investing in alternative funds. 

Our approach is based on proprietary methodology, developed by some of the team who were formerly at Moody’s. We focus on the fund’s corporate governance and oversight, its operations and valuation processes and procedures, risk management framework, corporate functions, and the use of third-party service providers. 

Our approach can be tailored to your needs, whether you are an institutional investor looking for third-party assessment to facilitate investment decision-making or an asset manager requiring an independent review of your fund. 

Delivering a range of UK tax-advantaged investment panel solutions, from panel selection to panel auditing, and one-off projects. 

Our team works alongside you to ensure that we deliver solutions tailored specifically to your requirements. 

Examples of these panel options include: 

  • Advice, guidance, and/or panel reviews 
  • Product selection 
  • Advice on exceptions 
  • Involvement in internal investment committees 
  • Regular panel rationale documentation 
  • Direct access to analysts 
  • Tailored scoring and rankings 
  • "Deep dive" research and due diligence, as required 
  • Advanced sector reports and market insights 

Our wide range of tools and services provides you with tailored panel solutions, priced to meet your criteria. These services include portfolio construction, product auditing, and governance advisory services and enable you to meet the ever-increasing demand for better governance and risk oversight by both shareholders and regulators. We support your compliance team and/or investment committee in meeting these needs. 

Our panel solutions are for advisers or intermediaries who require advice, research, assurances, or something more tailored to meet targeted investment or compliance needs. 

Solutions available include: 

  • Panel selection services: we provide advice on panel criteria, tailored selection, ongoing monitoring, and due diligence research reporting. 
  • Panel review services: we provide review services aimed at enhancing governance of advisers and intermediaries. These include reviewing pre-existing panel selections, reviewing panel criteria, providing insights into existing panel selections, and provision of due diligence research. 
  • Advantage select: this is our cost-efficient subscription service whereby we provide a curated selection of products/services to help advisers and intermediaries in fulfilling investor needs and compliance requirements.  
  • Other services: we offer a selection of services to advisers and intermediaries, including commissioned due diligence reviews, due diligence data collection, panel monitoring services, investment committee attendance, training, tailored research (including performance and fee analysis), access to analysts, and adhoc consultancy services. 

Access specialist strategic asset allocation and portfolio construction advice across all asset classes. 

Rapidly moving capital markets, changing regulations, and the sharpened focus on ESG and sustainability have resulted in significant challenges for institutional investors. Exacerbated by pressure from stakeholders, there is a need for investors to revisit and update what may prove to be outdated asset allocation and portfolio construction approaches, moving to a more modern, integrated, multi-asset investment model. 

We can work with you to identify and refine your strategic objectives and with reference to your specific liabilities, constraints, and ESG requirements. We use our proprietary modelling tools to translate these into long-term enhanced asset allocation strategies. We are also able to help you create a best practice governance framework for ongoing portfolio management and provide support with portfolio monitoring, rebalancing, and tactical positioning advice. 

Once our strategy review is complete, our recommendations will be prepared as a detailed report for key stakeholders, including both quantitative and qualitative analyses to support our recommendations. 

Through our additional services, we can assist with strategy implementation, conducting manager selection exercises, interviews, due diligence, transition monitoring, and other investment advisory activities. 

Our summary review service provides financial advisers and wealth managers from across the spectrum with access to summaries of our institutional-grade research. This inexpensive service is accessible through a simple online portal, and you can easily purchase access to detailed reviews on a case-by-case basis. 

Our team delivers institutional-grade research and advice to the industry’s largest wealth managers and financial advisers. We deliver this through a robust research process with both internal and external oversight to ensure best practice governance and conflict-of-interest management. 

Benefit from the experience and skilled team of senior, independent professionals who act as trusted investment advisers to pension schemes and other financial institutions. 

Through the provision of highly experienced individuals, we aim to assist institutional asset owners in managing their investments and achieving their investment goals. 

Given the ever-increasing complexity of modern investment and pension fund management, as well as the obvious conflicts of interest that many  service providers are subject to, the requirement for independent investment advisers has never been higher.  

Better investment decisions lead to a greater probability of the pension scheme covering its liabilities into the future, increasing the likelihood of delivering on pension promises and lowering the ultimate cost to the sponsor. 

We provide senior, independent, and highly experienced individuals to work with asset owners as trusted investment advisers. 

Our team is particularly prominent in UK Local Government Pension Schemes but work also in Private Corporate Pension schemes, family offices, and charities. 

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